A bottle of memories, rosy shades of the past
Like garnets in moonlight, like love in a glass
Those fermented love stories only make my heart moan
It's then I remember, No Drinkin' Alone

It all rushes back now when you loved me so
You held me so tightly, promised you'd never go
It was a beautiful fiction, but it sank like a stone
I guess forever meant never, cause I'm drinkin' alone

In the daylight it's easy to leave the wine on the shelf
I hear that wise woman tell me, "You shouldn't drink by yourself"
Instead of warm and mellow, I'm chilled to the bone
Like an echo in a canyon, I'm drinkin' alone

I thought I could reminisce and walk down memory lane
Remember your sweetness, forget all the pain
My will is weakened from thinkin', I reach for the phone
It scolds me in silence, No Drinkin' Alone

Now the bottle is empty, it clanks in the trash
My head it is aching, strung out from the crash
Someday I'll have someone to welcome me home
Until then I'll stay steady, No Drinkin' Alone

Oh, Someday I'll have someone
No more drinkin' alone

© 2011 Big Purr Music, LLC