I was not a young man when I found my truest love
I loved her so completely I left my happy home
Her eyes were like a sunny sky, her voice like air to breathe
Her mind as keen as morning frost on the leaves of autumn trees

For a moment I surrendered to rest easy in the shade
The road rose up to meet us in the life that we had made
Then a darkness grew inside of me that goaded me to stray
I vowed my love forever and then I slipped away

Those words I'd spoken tenderly were easy to repeat
My senses feasted eagerly with others that I'd meet
I threw away the gifts she gave so I'd never feel obliged
I built a wall to hide the truth and thats where love goes to die

With puppet strings I played with her, became a noose around her neck
I betrayed her to the hangman, I made her life a wreck
I fed her poisoned honey, so sweetly to her taste
'Til the woman that I loved so dear was utterly erased

I promised we would marry when my migrant work was done
I made my choices carefully so that day would never come
I cleaved to her with one hand to keep her hanging on
My other hand pushed her away 'til one day she was gone

If I could hold the hands of time before the damage done
When I was her and she was me, our souls and minds were one
We spoke a language of our own, we laughed so easily
It's a foolish thief who steals the heart already given free

A hundred miles of broken glass I laid for her to tread
A thousand tears ran down her cheek each time I left her bed
A million times I've prayed for grace for shooting out the sun
A billion stars in a frozen sky with her name on every one

Traditional melody; Lyrics © 2011 Big Purr Music, LLC