I'm searching for a safe harbor
A cove, a cave, some kindness and some care
Rogue waves hiding shallow reefs
I run aground and find no comfort there

Lured by phantom lighthouse glow
Shipwrecked on the rocks below
Dragged down by the undertow
I loved you more than you'll ever know

I'm searching for a safe harbor
No makeshift lean-to a squall can blow away
Steady mooring anchored to the shore
A sheltered haven to keep the storms at bay

Set my foot on a solid landing
Weary of courageous commanding
A place where love is less demanding
Where I might rest in ease and understanding

I'm sailing toward a safe harbor
I navigate this rough and raging sea
Cold confusion on a moonless night
A solitary polestar guiding me

Guide me through the starry night
Awaken me at morning's light
Tell me everything's all right
Lay me down within your sight

And forever dwell within my safe harbor

© 2011 Big Purr Music, LLC