Gordon's homage to YES's masterpiece, Tales from Topographic Oceans

"As one with the knowledge
and magic of the source
Attuned to the majesty of music
they marched as one with the Earth"

1) Civilization-Building (00:00)
2) Ocean of the Source (03:05)
3) Knowledge of the Source (03:35)
4) March of Ancients (04:27)
5) Sun Gods 1 (06:03)
6) Friendly Encounters (06:59)
7) Sun Gods 2 (07:26)
8) Surveying the Territory (08:24)
9) Into the Unknown (08:58)
10) Resistance (10:06)
11) Forging Ahead (11:03)
12) Flowering Creativity (12:18)
13) Leaves of Green (14:36)
14) Resolution (17:39)

So far, I've made it through Surveying the Territory. As much as I love the three intense sections leading up to Flowering Creativity, they'll be the most difficult to reproduce, so I'm leaving them for another time.

Ancient ½:

"Stand on hills of long forgotten yesterdays
Pass amongst your memories told returning ways
As certain as we walk today
We walk around the story
Out in the city running free
Days pass as seconds turn the key
The strength of the moment lies with you"

Ocean 1:
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More to come...