In the year 2000, David J Bacon, originally from Alaska, moved to Olympia, WA.  Like most musicians, heŐd been in a lot of bands youŐve never heard (Janis Moons, PBR Streetgang, Camaro, The Misfortunes, Oracle), performing his duties as primarily a bassist and a keyboardist.  David joined the Olympia band Whoa Dizzy in 2004 as the drummer, and then set about teaching himself how to play the drums.  But more on that in a moment.

In the summer of 2006, David bought a house and moved across town to Olympia's east side.  One afternoon David's friend, Michael Parks, visiting from Texas, was hanging out at the house.  Still busy getting moved in, David was out running some errands, while Michael, a little bored, sat down behind David's drum kit and started pounding out some of his peculiar primeval rhythms.  Within the hour, there was a knock at the door.

The visitor said, "I'm Jon, I live next door, is there a drummer here?"

David was thinking, "Oh great, just moved in, and already pissing off the neighbors."

But Jon was not your usual neighbor.

Jon Moon had moved to Olympia in 2001, and was already a veteran of the indie rock scene.  If you lived in Central Florida in the 1990's, and were interested in that sort of thing, you may have seen him playing guitar and/or bass in groups like Little 2 Eyes, Cougar Melonscent, Tick Tick Tock, Men Eat Rocks, or Merengue.

Having had little success forming a new band in Olympia, Jon came a knocking on David's door that summer evening, and the two formed a writing project that came to be known as Bacon Moon.

It started as some improvisational jams at Jon's house with David on the drums and Jon on guitar.  The two started making demos in DavidŐs home studio, mashing together JonŐs experimental noise pop with DavidŐs progressive punk and hard rock.  They posted the demos on MySpace  throughout 2007-08, and started thinking about the live act.  The obvious choice to expand the group came in the form of Nick Lutes, Nebraska transplant, and lead singer of DavidŐs other band Whoa Dizzy, who also happened to be a drummer.


The group played a number of Northwest shows between 2008-10, but outside commitments of the members (including a few injuries and some legal problems) kept the band in low gear.  Bacon MoonŐs existence during this period could best be termed as occasional.


A 2010 MySpace review summarized the situation, asking if Ňmaybe the band members [werenŐt] taking themselves seriously enoughÓ and wondering Ňif they put their minds to it they could make a really good CD.Ó


Bacon Moon has since made that record, but staying true to form, the occasional rockers eschewed making a full length in favor of the more economical EP.  Titled No Rush, itŐs available now for download on the bandŐs website.