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The Farris Smith Diaries, Vol. 2
Posted on 4/12/2003at 7:00 PM



Well the clock is ticking as my departure to Paris draws closer.   I have started to search for a means to get my bass to Paris.  If there are any Pro bassist out there who have experience in this area please let me know.  My French class is going well although many of my classmates have dropped the class.   The French language is not an easy one but my professor is laying it out OK.   Also, I am still looking for an apartment in Paris to rent for the month of June.   A very good friend ( Diana Smith) is using her locating skills which I am dearly grateful.  I do feel that once I am in Paris I will find the perfect abode.   It's just to difficult trying to find a place at a good rent from here. 

As for the Smoke Free Jazz club, my initial thought was to name it "American In Paris".  Now since the war thing the feeling is to name it something else.  My good friend Michael James suggested "Farris in Paris".  If you have any idea's or suggestions please let me know.  That's all for now.

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