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Title Session Type
1 to 1 Million: Number Sense Progressions for K–5 Session 
A Truly “Hands-On” Approach to Applying the Distributive Property Session 
Be Precise with Math Language: Instead of This, Say That! Session 
Connecting All of Quadratics through Completing the Square, Vertex Form, and Transformational Graphing Session 
Creating Fractals with Complex-Valued Functions Session 
Engaging in Proportional Reasoning through the Eyes of a Middle School Student Session 
From Hand-Holding to Problem Solving: Learning How to Teach Students to Grapple with Uncertainty Session 
From Percentages to Algebra Using Authentic Problem Contexts Session 
How Students Make Sense of the Number Line for Fractions Session 
Learning Is Not a Spectator Sport: Constructing Meaningful Talk in the Math Classroom Session 
Mathematical Modeling Goes to College: An Approach Inspired by the #MTBoS. Session 
Mathematics Education Trust (MET) Grants and Scholarships--New Opportunities Available! Session 
Putting the Active into Interactive Manipulatives Session 
Teaching Mathematics with Technology: Activities and Ideas for Your Classroom Session 
The Role of Calculus in the Transition from High School to College Mathematics Session 
University-School PD Partnership: Conceptually Based Basic Skills Acquisition for All Session 
Walk the (Number) Line Session 
Action-Consequence-Reflection Activities: Using Technology to Make Math Stick! Workshop 
Classroom Structures for Differentiation: Ensuring Deep Mathematical Thinking for All Workshop 
Counting Circles: A Daily Number Routine to Address Numeracy Workshop 
Fraction Sense Is Tied to Common Sense Workshop 
Have You Ever Had Food Poisoning? Workshop 
Juggling Formative Assessment to Differentiate Math Instruction in the Pre-K–2 Classroom Workshop 
Mathematics for Elementary Students: Engaging ALL Learners Workshop 
Project Runway: Mathematical Modeling through Rich Tasks Workshop 
Raindrops on Roses...A Few Of My Favorite CALCULUS Things Workshop 
Sequences and Series: Using Photos to Look for Patterns in a National Sculpture Garden Pyramid Workshop 
Space for Reasoning in Special Education: Bridging Instead of Filling Skills Gaps Workshop 
The Key to Solving Word Problems Is NOT Keywords! Workshop 
Tips for Working with English Learners in Mathematics Workshop 
Transforming Your Textbook: Empowering You, the Teacher Workshop 
Are Your Students Learning What You Intend? Effective Uses of Open Ed Resources Session 
Building Procedural Fluency through Conceptual Fluency: Quadratic Functions Session 
Empowering Teachers: Connecting Teacher Practice and Student Learning with Coaching Session 
Full STEAM Ahead: Engaging, Empowering, and Educating Students with Interactive (Statistics) Songs! Session 
How Do You Teach Stats? Let's Incorporate a Coherent Plan for the Stats Progression in Your Class Session 
Investigating Real-World Data with Online Visualization Tools: Building Future Data Scientists Session 
Numbers Are Numbers. Why Treat Fractions and Decimals Differently? Session 
One Person, One Vote? Model Voter Power in Redistricting with High School Geometry and Statistics Session 
Preparing Culturally and Needs-Responsive Teachers through Mathematics Education Session 
Raising the Bar: Lifting Students by Learning from Their Views on Mathematical Strengths Session 
Teaching Geometry through Dance Session 
Teaching Mathematics Online Using Inquiry Methods Session 
The Universal Language of Mathematics (Yes, We Do Write in Math Class) Session 
Three Critical Components for Achieving Rigor Session 
Understanding Geometry and Measurement Pre-K–2: Facilitating Coherence and Connections Session 
What Does the Past Tell Us about the Future in Mathematics Education? Session 
"Reverse Tasks" for Deeper Conceptual Understanding Burst 
A Bridge to Algebra I: Optimize Students’ Learning Experiences as They Transition to Algebra Burst 
Alternative Algorithms and Place Value Understanding Burst 
Counting Is as Easy as 1,2,3 . . . or Is It? Burst 
Inside the Ice Cream Cone or Out?: Tangible Tenants for Teaching Engaging, Student-Centered Math Burst 
Master PROOFS through Games! Burst 
Once Upon a Time There Was a Word Problem: Using Story Elements to Teach Word Problems Burst 
Order Up: Using Number Lines to Connect and Access Number Concepts across Grade Levels Burst 
Positive or Negative? Strategies for Teaching Integers in Grades 6–8 Burst 
Preservice Teachers' Knowledge of Culturally Responsive Teaching during Mathematics Instruction Burst 
Writing to Develop Sense Making, Reasoning, and Arguments Burst 
#StudentsTeachingStudents--Students Create Engaging Math Videos to Teach Concepts to Their Peers Session 
A Measurement Approach to Place Value Concepts Workshop 
A Model For All Seasons: Developing Computational Fluency with the Bead String Session 
Assessments in Action Workshop 
Being Right and Wrong in Different, Interesting Ways Session 
Connecting Coaching and Collaborating to Develop Deep Understanding of Content Session 
Don’t Forget Discrete Mathematics! Session 
Equitable Access to the SMPs through Purposeful Number Talk Progressions Workshop 
Formative Assessments in Geometry and Measurement: Putting Essential Understanding into Practice Session 
Fostering a Growth Mindset for All Students Session 
Games + Tasks = Learning + Assessment: A Balanced Approach to Math Workshop 
How to Desmo-fy Your Math Lessons to Guide Discovery and Promote Sense Making Session 
Imagine That: The Unfortunate Naming of i Session 
Is Coherence Fuzzy? Workshop 
Making High Yield Routines Work in Pre-K to Grade 2 Session 
Mathematics at the Movies: Exploring Linear, Quadratic, and Exponential Functions Workshop 
Modeling a Maker-Space Mindset Workshop 
New Teacher Strand: I Wish That I Knew What I Know Now, When I Was Younger Workshop 
Soap Bubbles: Mathematical Modeling Spanning from Geometry to Calculus Workshop 
Social Justice Lessons and Activities for the Mathematics Classroom Session 
Statistical Literacy: Developing a Purposeful Curriculum across the Grades Session 
Strategic Use of Free Online Technology Tools for Exploring Statistics in Algebra 1 Workshop 
Teaching Students to Identify Deceptive Use of Numbers in Political Claims Session 
Technology, Textbooks and Tasks: Understanding How Textbooks Integrate Technological Activities Session 
Tricks Are NOT for Kids! Shifting from "Answer Getting" to Thinking and Understanding Workshop 
Unproductive Struggle: Finding the Tipping Point between Productive Struggle and Just Struggle Session 
Using Social Networks to Introduce Graph Theory: Lessons from the Classroom Session 
Warm Up to Number Sense and Reasoning Skills Session 
What Are Trapezoids? A Debate on the Inclusive vs. Exclusive Definition Session 
Why Boats Float: It Speaks Volumes about Mathematics Workshop 
360 Degree Math: a Math Classroom Revolution Session 
A Meaningful Approach to the Quadratic Formula Session 
Developing Reflective and Persistent Problem Solvers Session 
Multi-Tiered Systems of Support: Developing Interventions That Engage Session 
Number Talks: A Routine Empowering ALL Students Session 
Rethinking What Each and Every High School Student Needs Related to Algebra and Functions Session 
Student Interviews for Preservice Teachers Session 
Using Coding to Explore in Algebra and Geometry Session 
Watch Students Become Multiplication Masters, Fraction Fanatics, & Vocabulary Victors! Session 
Why Ask Why: The Art of Questioning Session 
Building a What??? From a Blank Strip of Paper to a Meter Stick: Decimal Place Value in Context Workshop 
Capitalizing on Culture Workshop 
Constructing and Using Content Progressions for Teaching and Learning Math Workshop 
Cooperative Activities in AP Calculus Designed to Link Content to the Mathematical Practices Workshop 
Create Innovative Lesson Plans Based on Classics of Children’s Literature Workshop 
Developing Understanding of Integer Operations through Context Workshop 
Insight through Misconceptions: Helping Students Develop Strong Geometric Understanding Workshop 
Leading High-Quality Math Lesson Study: What, Why, and How Workshop 
Linear Functions Roadmap: Making Connections across Grades Workshop 
Models for Teaching Fractions: The Case for Using Multiple Representations Workshop 
Motivating Investigations of Probability with Russian Egg Roulette Workshop 
Number Talks in the K-2 Classroom Workshop 
Observation to Equation: Learning to Think like a Mathematical Modeler Workshop 
What's Cotton Got to Do with It?? How Math and Cotton Intersect to Engage Students Learning Algebra Workshop 
Writing Fair and Effective Scoring Rubrics for Free-Response Questions Workshop 
Bringing ELL Students into the Math Conversation Session 
Developing Fraction Sense through Models and Discussion Session 
Elevate the Expertise Within: A District Utilizing Internal Capacity and Collegiality to Grow Session 
Making Sense of Fraction Division Session 
Math Anywhere! Noticing Opportunities to Engage Young Mathematicians Session 
Modeling in Math 1 with Parachuting Lego® Men Session 
Numberless Word Problems: Creating a Culture of Sense Making Session 
Pedagogy That Advances Algebraic Reasoning in Elementary Grades Session 
Planning and Preparing for Lessons: Rarely Easy, Always Important Session 
Please Challenge Me! Differentiating for Strong Mathematics Students in the Primary Grades Session 
Promote Statistical Understanding by Connecting Data Collection, Data Analysis, and Inference Session 
Relating Fractions, Measurement, and Data with Meaningful Number Lines Session 
Sense Making: Is It at the Core of Your Classroom? Session 
Strategies and Tasks to Build Procedural Fluency from Conceptual Understanding Session 
The Mathematical Mysteries of a U.S. $1 Bill! Session 
The Wonders and Joys of Mathematics and Statistics Session 
Through Your Students' Eyes: Making Learning Visible in the Co-Taught Math Classroom Session 
Young and the Reckless: A Teacher Cohort Studies the Messiness of Inquiry-Based Math Session 
Activities for Transitioning Students from Precalculus to AP Calculus Session 
Algebraic Procedures Needing a Conceptual Makeover Session 
Astonishing Math: Improving Your Chances of Winning the Locker Game Workshop 
Building a Flexible Standards-Based Classroom within a Traditional School Setting Session 
Concepts and Routines for High School Classrooms: What We Can Learn from Elementary Session 
Conceptual Understanding and Problem Solving Workshop 
Constructing Origami Boxes for Mathematical Enrichment Workshop 
Enrichment & Foundations: Supporting Strong Students in a Low-Income Classroom Session 
Fluency: Facts or Fiction? Workshop 
Full Stack Lessons Session 
High Tech, Low Tech: Finding the Balance Workshop 
Interesting Types of Numbers: Using Enjoyment to Strengthen Number Sense and Confidence Session 
Let's Develop Number Sense in K-Grade 2 with Math Games! Workshop 
Making Meaning: Using Reading Comprehension Strategies to Enhance Mathematical Understanding Session 
Math Workshop: 3 Classroom Structures That Support Guided Math & Learning Stations Session 
Model Drawing for Problem Solving Session 
Paper folding in class? Not just for paper airplanes anymore! Workshop 
Proofs in Geometry Using Transformations: How to Leverage Transformational Reasoning Session 
Quadratic Equations and Functions: Use Manipulatives and Technology for More Access and More Depth Workshop 
Starting Proof Off Right: Engaging Students with Research-Based Strategies in Geometry Session 
STEM Storytelling: Using Picture Books to Integrate Mathematics Workshop 
Synchronous Online Meetings + Asynchronous Independent Learning = The Future of Math Instruction Session 
Teaching Probability with Purpose Session 
The Rule of Four: Series Convergence Tests with a Rich Task and Multiple Representations Workshop 
There's an App for That! Developing & Representing Mathematical Thinking Workshop 
What Does the Graph Say? Forcing Students to Think Session 
Zombie Apocalypses and Other Advances in Minecraft Math Session 
Culturally Responsive Teaching in an Algebra 1 Class for Repeating 9th Graders Session 
Data Mining: An Example of Global Collaboration, Integration, and Math Session 
Furthering Girls' Math Identity: Research and Practice Session 
Get the Picture: Connecting Young Children to Mathematics through Books Session 
High School Math Talks 101: Getting Started Session 
Learning Support for Title I Students: Teaching Mathematics Session 
Let’s Dispel the Myths about Women and Mathematics Session 
Math Modeling from Contests to the Classroom Session 
Nodes and Edges and Trees, Oh My! Session 
Not Just Answering Someone Else's Questions: Making Math Class More Like Mathematics Session 
Teaching Social Justice via Two-Way Tables Session 
Technology Can Transform Traditional Math Problems into Sense-Making Opportunities Session 
Whole School Agreements: Avoiding Rules That Expire Session 
Who’s Asking the Questions in Math Class? Strategies for Inspiring & Cultivating Students’ Curiosity Session 
Your Professional Journey in Mathematics: The Five Secrets of Great Teachers! Session 
Developing Mathematical Fluency: What Is It? and How Do We Create Systems to Support It? Workshop 
Financial Literacy: Early Investment in Skills and Concepts at the Primary Level Workshop 
Hanging Math on a Clothesline!  Workshop 
Interactive Early Algebra Puzzles for Young Learners: Free Web-Based Activities for Your Classroom Workshop 
Making Sense of the World through Mathematics, and of Mathematics through the World Workshop 
Marshmallow Measurement: Exploring Length with Non-standard and Standard Units Workshop 
New Teacher Strand: Conceptual vs. Procedural Understanding: Empowering All Students through Concept Development Workshop 
PD & Instructional Tools for Advancing ELLs' Mathematics and Language through an Integration Approach Workshop 
Planting the Seeds in Algebra 2 and Precalculus That Support Ideas in Calculus Workshop 
Seven Billion People on Earth! A Task for Fostering Productive Struggle Workshop 
Take Number Talks to the Next Level with Purposeful Talk Moves Workshop 
Transform a Worksheet to Build Equity and Engagement in the Classroom with Desmos Activity Builder Workshop 
Using Coffee Stirrers to Develop Reasoning about Geometric Shapes and Their Attributes Workshop 
Using Visual Representations: Engaging All Students with the Standards for Mathematical Practice Workshop 
Addressing Numeracy with the Struggling Learner Session 
APPlied Mathematics: The Logic, Algebra, and Geometry of Mobile App Design Session 
Authentically and Meaningfully Integrating the "M" in STEAM: The Mathematics Matters! Session 
Baby Steps to PBL Success: Lessons from Teachers Implementing PBL Session 
Choice Matters! Using Menus to Reach All Students during Math Workshop Session 
Congruence, Similarity, and Proof: Experience a Hands-On Transformation Approach Using Web Sketchpad Session 
Engaging Students in Seeing Mathematical Structure Session 
Expressions and Equations: Growing through Middle School Session 
Mathematical Modeling as a Preassessment Tool Session 
Mathematical Modeling: Using Authentic Problem-Solving Tasks to Interpret the World around You Session 
Measuring Student Mathematical Thinking Session 
Performance Tasks as a Evidence of Student Learning Session 
Solving the Mathematics Teacher Shortage: Retention Strategies Session 
Supporting Girls’ Mathematics Learning Using High-Interest Texts Session 
Early Numeracy Partnerships: Exploring Professional Development to Enhance Early Numeracy Burst 
Empowering Students to Self-Reflect and Set Goals in the Math Classroom Burst 
From Mathematics Teachers' Circles to the Classroom: Making Math Fun for Students Burst 
Full STEAM Ahead: Connecting Math and Art through Symmetry in the Early Childhood Classroom Burst 
Math in Motion: Moving for Learning Burst 
Math Talk and Cookies: Devouring Mathematical Discourse Burst 
Mind over Matter: Growth Mindset in the Postsecondary Classroom Burst 
Motivating an Intellectual Need for Proofs in Geometry Burst 
Muffins and Math: Empowering Families through Community Outreach, Games, and Resources Burst 
No Butterflies Allowed! Best Practices for Comparing Fractions across the Grades Burst 
Building Meaning into Algebra Equations with Multiple Representations and Progressive Formalization Workshop 
Cracking Those Conditionals: Modeling Data for Some Classic c Probability Problems Workshop 
Engaging Teachers in Collaborative 5E Lesson Planning with Effective Teaching Practices Workshop 
Engineering Design Briefs for Math in Grades 4-6 Workshop 
Experience Algebra in Meaningful Contexts through Active Engagement Workshop 
Finding Patient Zero: Do Data Science in Your Math Class Workshop 
GeoGebra + GoFormative for Problem Solving, Problem Posing, and Assessment Workshop 
How to Stop Lecturing and Start Teaching Session 
Improving Mathematics Instruction for ELs through Practice-Based PD Session 
Let's Argue: Engaging High School Students by Teaching Statistics through Claims Session 
Let’s Start with a Problem! Session 
Making Moments Matter: Conferring with Young Mathematicians at Work Session 
Middle Grades Statistics: Dealing with So Much Content in So Little Time! Session 
Now You Are Speaking My Math Language: Teachers & Students Attend to Precision Session 
Pre-K Math: Practicing Basic Skills while Introducing More Challenging Concepts Session 
Problem-Solving Tasks and Games That Develop Meaning by Connecting Multiple Strategies Workshop 
Putting a Positive Spin on Negative Numbers Workshop 
Supporting Lesson Design with Instructional Rounds Workshop 
Systemic Empowerment with Hands-On Fraction Activities Session 
Teaching Preservice K-8 Teachers Geometry and Reasoning through Purposeful Play Session 
The New Professionalism: Empowering Teachers as Researchers, Accomplices, and Agitators Session 
Using Students' Creative Problem Solving to Build Algebraic Fluency from Conceptual Understanding Workshop 
We're Doing Something Right When We Hear, "This Is the Best PD I've Ever Been Involved With!" Workshop 
Which Comes First: The Equation or the Function? Come Stack Cups and Use Demos to Find Out! Workshop 
A Calculated Escape: Enhancing Reasoning through Team Problem Solving Session 
A Transformational Approach to Congruence Proofs in High School Geometry Session 
Beyond the Estimation Jar Session 
Calculus for Everyone: A Cohesive and Coherent Pathway Curriculum Session 
Changing Mindsets to Tackle Equity: From The New York Times to the Classroom--One District's Journey Session 
Developing Reasoning and Problem-Solving Skills through Children's Literature Session 
Ditch That Lecture: Designing Activities for Abstract Topics That Foster Inquiry Session 
Exploring Student Thinking in Secondary Geometry through Lesson Study Session 
Lessons Learned: Taking Lesson Study to the Next Level Session 
Making Mistakes Intentional: Analyzing Student Understanding with Low-Entry, High-Ceiling Problems Session 
Take It to the Next Level: Strategies to Increase Engagement and Collaboration in a Math Classroom Session 
The Power of Connections: Deepening Place Value Understanding in K-2 Session 
Use an Open-Ended Sampling Challenge to Map Student Misunderstandings of Population and Sample Size Session 
Using Applets to Engage Students in Your Statistics Course Session 
Utilizing Grade-Level Instructional Planning Meetings in Elementary Teacher Preparation Session 
Are You Aligned? Analyzing Assessments Workshop 
Assessment Planning for Secondary Mathematics Teachers: Aligning Curriculum and Assessment Workshop 
Becoming an Agent of Change! Learning to Teach Math with, for, and about Social Justice Workshop 
Bridging the Stats Gap in Algebra I with Box & Whiskers Plots Workshop 
Coaching Teachers through the Process of High School Vertical Articulation Workshop 
Hands-On Geometry: Using Origami and Compass Constructions for Advanced Explorations Workshop 
Harnessing the Power of Mathematical Models to Re-Envision Early Childhood Routines Workshop 
High-Yield Routines and Resources to Support Math Instruction Workshop 
Mathematics and Curiosity Magnified! Engaging in STEM with Primary Students Workshop 
Organizing an Interactive Family Math Night Workshop 
Ratios with Cartons and Beans, Counters and Cups, Tables, Tape Diagrams, and Double Number Lines Workshop 
Sticky Situations: Investigating and Understanding the Common Computation Situations Tables Workshop 
Teaching Logic & Proofs through Games & Number Theory: Variations on Nim Workshop 
The M in High School STEM Workshop 
Academic Talk: Students Processing and Growing Their Thinking and Understanding Together Session 
Break the Cycle: Reframing Behaviors to Re-engage Students in Learning Mathematics Session 
Connecting the Principles to Actions Teaching Practices to the Principles of Learning Mathematics Session 
Cultivating Math-Positive Parents: Passing the Growth Mindset on to Families Session 
Early Numeracy Partnerships: Exploring Professional Development to Enhance Early Numeracy Session 
Eliciting and Using Student Thinking to Target the Other 7 Effective Teaching Practices Session 
Engaging English Language Learners in Mathematical Communication through Desmos® Technology Session 
Improving Literacy in Geometry Session 
Meaningful Practices to Meet the Needs of Every Learner: It's about the Process Session 
Nurturing Inquiry in Your Calculus Class: Taylor Series Session 
Promoting Algebraic Thinking through Visual Pattern Tasks for English Language Learners Session 
Ready, Set, Go with Math Workshop! How to Engage Students without Getting Overwhelmed Exhibitor Workshop 
8 Ways to Create a Legendary Math Class Session 
Changing the Face of Professional Development Voluntarily Session 
Creating a Thinking High School Classroom and Fostering Mathematical Discourse--Let's Talk about It! Workshop 
Creating Mathemacitizens: Building Piecewise-Defined Functions to Analyze Public Policy Session 
Differentiate in 3D: Meet Middle School Students' Readiness, Interest, and Learning Preference Needs Workshop 
Discover the New GeoGebra Graphing Calculator and Geometry Apps Session 
Engage Student Learning with Demanding Fraction Tasks That Promote Discourse and Feedback Workshop 
Math Talks: Adapting the Number Talks Structure for Secondary Mathematics Classrooms Workshop 
Modeling for Motivation and Proof for Power Session 
Origami for Engineering: Collapsing, Functional, and Strong Workshop 
Professionalism in a Digital Age Workshop 
Talk Number to Me: The Ratio Table Session 
Through the Looking Glass—Using Literature as Windows into Equity in Early Mathematics Session 
Using Anchor Tasks to Engage Learners: Deepening Understanding through Exploration and Discourse Session 
Using Virtual Co-Teaching to Support Algebra Teachers Session 
"Who Wants To Be A Millionaire": A Contestant's Mathematical Perspective Session 
Additive Thinking in the Elementary Classroom Session 
Blast from the Past: Return of the Tug of War Session 
Connected Mathematics Classrooms via Skype: Understanding Different Mathematical Contexts Session 
Counting, Cardinality & Coding: Making Connections to Number Sense Session 
Developing Authentic Real-World Mathematics Tasks for Middle School Session 
Launch, Explore, Summarize: Strategies to Implement Problem-Based Lessons Session 
Make Math Meaningful: Valuable Visuals for Connecting Fraction and Decimal Operations Session 
Mindful Math Techniques for building Concentration, Confidence, and Cultural Capital Session 
One Math Teacher, One Science Teacher, One Technology Ed Teacher . . . One Authentic STEM Unit of Study Session 
Value-Added Student Growth & RtII/MTSS Success: Teacher Practices, Beliefs, & Growth-Mindset Matter! Session 
Beginning Bar Model Boot Camp: Getting Started with Model Drawing Workshop 
I've Got Next: Engaging All Students with Multiple Response Strategies Workshop 
Math Play with a Purpose Workshop 
Meeting the Instructional Needs of Struggling Learners Workshop 
Powerful Professional Learning: Essential Principles for Engaging ALL Adult Learners Workshop 
Teaching Mathematical Behaviors: Successful Classroom Management for Math Teachers Workshop 
The Gap Trap and Other Risky Reasoning: The Kryptonite of Fraction Fluency Workshop 
The Power of a Number Line: Versatile, Functional, and Equitable Workshop 
The Right Task at the Right Time: Developing Addition Fluency through Conceptual Understanding Workshop 
Building a Smaller, More Powerful Toolbox Session 
Flipped Learning Is What Today's Kids Do Session 
Geogebra and the Standards for Mathematical Practice Session 
Helping Students Connect Mathematical Models and Representations: A Runway to Integrating the SMPs Session 
How Do We Prepare Students for Algebra?: Designing Tasks That Build Students' Algebraic Thinking Session 
Interpret How Students Use Their Fingers: Empower All Students' Development in Number and Addition Session 
Learning Together: Collaboration on Mathematical Pedagogies in the Virtual and Global Community Session 
Long Live Fractions, Bar Models, and Equations! Session 
Playful Mathematical Routines Session 
Using Lesson Study to Support Vertical Articulation across Grade Spans Session 
Circles within Figure Skaters' Blade Tracings: Integrating Geometry and Algebra Burst 
Explore Mathematical Modeling: Estimating the Number of Fish in a Pond with Sampling Burst 
Finding the Math in Nature: Developing a Conceptual Understanding of Measurement and Data Burst 
Measuring Math Anxiety in Classrooms Burst 
Self-Regulation: Teaching Students How to "Self-Direct" Their Learning Burst 
Tackling CPA (Concrete, Pictorial, and Abstract) Concepts in K-2 Burst