Cobweb and Time Series Options Number of Initial Iterates: Initial Condition (x0): Parameter (r):

Cobweb and Time Series Control Panel

Logistic Map: Cobweb Plots and the Time Domain

For a walk through of this app, as well as exercises please see this worksheet.

The “Initial Condition (x0)” text field changes the point from which the trajectory begins. This input is only well defined between 0 and 1. The “Parameter (r)” text field changes the logistic map’s r parameter. Alternatively, you can also change r by clicking your mouse on the cobweb plot. The top of the parabola will be moved to the point you clicked, effectively adjusting the r parameter. The r parameter currently selected will appear in the cobweb plot’s legend, as well as in the “Parameter (r)” text field. The “Number of Initial Iterates” field changes how many iterates of the logistic map are plotted initially, equivalently, how long the initial trajectory is.