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As an authorized dealer, SportsK uses these logos only to describe and advertise the related merchandise. These pads feature a low profile cantilever construction which provides hitting protection without sacrificing field vision or mobility.
With Venti Light, an outer layer of perforated closed cell EVA foam is laminated to a softer open cell inner foam.
Venti Light helps reduce overall pad weight while still providing the same great protection you expect. Shoulder pads are designed to be worn with a properly fitted jersey and while playing American rules football.

The leader in fastpitch continues to lead the pack with the all-new CF8 -11 Hands down the most popular model in its class, the -11 gives the ultimate in performance for younger players who take their game seriously. Note any abnormal movements or expressions of pain during this test that could alert you to a potential or existing shoulder problem. No shoulder pad can prevent all injuries a player may receive while participating in football. Measure across the back from where you can feel the shoulder bone on one side to where the bone ends on the opposite side.
Measurement must be checked at least once a year or upon noticeable increase in weight or body size.

Once the shoulder measurement has been determined, select the pad correctly sized to the shoulder measurement.

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