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What you wear with ankle boots and how you wear ankle boots will determine the look you want to create. Floral dresses and polka dot dresses are my favorite and they really look great in summer when paired with ankle boots. Finish the attire with fun accessories such as a leather belt that matches with your booties around your waist to show off your waistline. When you are dating or in love and at one time you are short of what to wear to a date (or run out of options), try ankle boots with shorts or short dresses. Choose a nice pair of stiletto ankle boots that will elongate your legs and make you look slimmer and taller hence appearing chic and sexy to him. In case it isn’t your first date (say you have been dating for almost a year) try wearing shorts (khaki shorts or denim shorts) with ankle boots. Pair the attire with skinny jeans and belt the jean with a thin leather belt that matches with your ankle boots. Choose a nice top preferable a t-shirt in neutral colors such as white, grey, black or cream as they will definitely match with the attire teamed with them. You can dress in ankle boots the way our grandparents used to dress them in the 1990’s.
Throw on a nice fitted tank in neutral or colorful colors such as white, grey, cream or yellow (pink, purple). Dark sunnies and a matching leather handbag will get you ready to rock a vintage outfit in ankle boots. Maxi dresses are a complete no for this outfit coz they will make you look outdate and old-fashioned. In case you’re not sure of how the day will be, throw on a jacket to keep you warm just in case it gets cold along the day. Neutral color tops in white, black, grey or cream will definitely be the perfect match with denim short. Accessorize with a medium size handbag that will complement the top or the boots, necklace, and earrings.
Ladies can wear ankle boots to work as an official outfit or with casual outfits on weekends or in the evening when walking around town.
The most appropriate bottom to wear with ankle boots to work will be a short skirt which is slightly above the knee. Finish off with your favorite ankle boots and you will be ready to office on any working day. Wear dark sunnies and earrings to finish the attire and you will be good to go for your evening walk around town or around your neighbors. Now that you know what to wear with ankle boots and when to wear them, I would like to know what you think of them. Feel free to leave your remark(s) and opinion(s) on how to wear ankle boots and what to wear with ankle boots for a sexier chic outfit.

In this case, I have seen many ladies and celebs trying to show off their favorite and unique attire in ankle boots. If your dress is really short that you can’t wear it in public, pair it with a pair of tights underneath. Stick to solid color such as black as bright color stiletto ankle boots can easily clash the trend.
Royal blue dresses or solid color dresses will work well for a winter date while patterned and pastel dresses are appropriate for summer. Accessorize with sparkly earrings, a short cute necklace and sparkly armlets that will make you look cute, attractive and sexy.
You can opt for lace-up ankle boots for a casual outfit or small heel boots to create a formal outfit which you can dress to office on a working day. Tuck in the tank and belt the skinny jean with a matching thin leather belt to make your attire look smart and attractive. Many ladies find it easy to match this outfit coz it’s basic and require little or no knowledge about color matching and mixing. Plaid shirts and denim shirts will make the attire look more casual while plain or solid color shirts will make the attire look chic and stylish. Depending on the look you want to create, accessorize with either a short or long necklace to add style to the attire. Tuck in the top to make it more appealing and belt the shorts with a thin leather belt that matches with your boots. Finish off with dark sunglasses and you will be good to go for shopping in the evening or on weekends.
Ladies can wear ankle boots with skinny jeans paired with any color top that match the attire.
After a long day of work, you need to change your getup to a more casual and comfortable outfit for your evening walk around town or your neighbors. This is my favorite attire with ankle boots coz my thighs are cute and kind of like showing them off.
For formal outfits, skirts and dresses are the best bottom wear to pair with ankle boots while for casual outfits, skinny jeans, shorts, tights and leggings can work. Black tights will be the best choice coz they match with most colors of the dress and boots. Pink-white polka dot dresses, black-white polka dot dresses and floral dresses will rock a summer date with black ankle boots.
In case you’re not sure of the weather along the day, throw on a cardigan or jacket that will help you stay warm. While dresses in solid and bold color like yellow and black are the best choice during winter season.
Add earrings to the apparel and finish off with a matching handbag that will complement the whole attire.

For denim shorts, pair them with black ankle boots while khaki shorts will look great with brown ankle boots.
Pair your leggings or tights with a matching tunic that covers your hips to cover the curvy areas of your butts and tummy. Rock a stylish short dress of length slightly above the knee in patterns such as polka dot and floral. Let’s look at the tips on how to wear ankle boots for women in details as fully described below.
Tuck-in the top to look attractive and belt the short with a glossy belt that matches with your booties.  Throw on a matching colorful jacket to add style to the attire and keep you warm just in case it gets chilly in the evening. But with other jeans, you will have to tuck-in the jean into your ankle boots to look stylish and neat. Tuck in the blouse to look elegant and belt with a think leather belt that matches with the color of your ankle boots to show off your waistline. Tuck-in the tights or leggings into your ankle boots to make the getup look more appealing.
Accessorize with a few bracelets such as earrings, armlets and dark sunnies to complement the whole apparel.
These patterns will look great with black ankle boots on medium size ladies with medium size thighs. Avoid baggy or bell-bottom jeans and pants as they will make you appear outdated and old-fashioned. A white necklace, golden earrings and black or golden armlets will be enough to accessorize and add style to the outfit.
This will be a perfect getup for a weekend when going for shopping or have a drink with your pals at the cafe. If the leggings are tight or thin, wearing them underneath shorts or skirts will make you feel comfortable and confident when walking around with your friends. Ladies with thick heavy and bulky thighs should opt for skinny jeans or pants coz with short skirts, they will make them look bulky and draw attention from the outfit to their thighs.
Dark sunnies and a simple cute necklace will get you ready to go for your casual happenings.
A thin belt of the same color like your ankle boots will show your waistline and add style to the outfit.

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