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Eric Smallwood of Front Row Marketing Services, who has studied the television exposure of various on-jersey ads, says that profit number may be close to $125 million. One could easily see why, as Nevill did not go overboard with the concepts, but rather subtly tweaked the original 16 designs in order to create the new-school looks. Notre Dame will be wearing a newly designed uniform while Boston College breaks out retro jerseys for the Nov. The Boston College uniforms are a tribute to BC legend Doug Flutie's last-second touchdown pass to Gerald Phelan that gave the Eagles a 47–45 victory over 12th-ranked Miami in 1984.

Notre Dame has once again strayed from their traditional look for the Shamrock Series and will don green jersey.
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The plan still awaits formal approval, but Silver said he expects guidelines to be in place by the start of the coming season so that teams have a year to sell the patches and Adidas, which makes NBA uniforms, has time to add them to jerseys sold in stores. Thus, due to popular demand, the one and only boognasty was back in the game, putting together jersey designs for a handful of new schools.

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