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Many considered Dupree as a top 10-15 pick and we had him rated 13 overall so we certainly feel this was a good value. We had Leonard Williams as the top rated player on the board and knew he would not go in the top 3 but falling to 6th makes him a steal for their new head coach and GM.
While Gurley is the most talented running back in the draft and doesn’t have a lot of tread of the tires with less carries than most backs he comes with medical baggage. Here is a look at our top 50 available with the only player remaining who we thought would definitely go last night are Alabama S Landon Collins.
I mean the 5’1” former ballet dancer and tennis star, who also jams out regularly to ‘NSync and Backstreet Boys, has her Master’s in Healthcare Administration, along with her private pilot’s license and serves as the Vice-President for this year’s Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) on Scott AFB. Oh, she also checked off running a marathon from her bucket list, completing the San Antonio 26.2 in 4 hours and 4 minutes. She admits that being an officer in the Air Force and an NFL cheerleader often times shocks people.
Being a Rams cheerleader isn’t Michelle’s first rodeo at high-kicking it for professional teams. Just in her rookie year, Michelle has already experienced so much as a Rams cheerleader, but her best experience was a military trip to Colorado Springs, CO for Armed Forces Day. I mistakenly admit to Michelle that I don’t follow the Rams too much and ask her to describe what it’s like being a Rams fan or attending games in their intimate little dome, where I first met Michelle on the sidelines.
Calling their cheer team the Ewes probably would have created a Laurel & Hardy situation. Thanks to her military background, one of her favorite things about the Rams organization comes in the form of head coach, Jeff Fisher and his commitment to the military and veterans.
Michelle also admits she loves the fact that Fisher used to coach for her hometown team, the Houston Oilers, and is now in St. Due to her deployment, Michelle will in fact miss tryouts next year (already just a few months away), but they are actively working on a potential tryout via video.
As for her and that beloved husband of hers, “We’re working on getting stationed together soon!” she says with a big smile on her face. Jayme Lamm is a freelance sports and travel writer based in Houston and is currently in a full-court press writing her hugely opinionated sports column, The Blonde Side.
GM Kevin Colbert said this was the best class of pass rushers he has seen and he got the best value on the board of all first round picks. He doesn’t fill the biggest need today but as you know that could change and he be essential in a year. He has talent and we think he could be a top tier tackle but the Saints could have traded back and gotten him, which would have given them more picks, something they could use. Subscribe to the Pro Player Insiders newsletter for exclusive content, VIP invites and special access delivered right to your inbox. She’s probably the most beautiful, inside and out, probably the most daring and adventurous, and probably the one that can kick your ass without breaking a sweat, thanks to her training and nifty survival skills.
Not only of her presence and downright friendliness but her positive attitude to the news she recently received of being deployed. Though she doesn’t fly for the Air Force, she does fly smaller, single engine planes with hopes of one day getting her twin engine rating. She’s used to laughing it off, or sometimes having to show some form of proof for people to believe her.

My wedding was planned for April 26, so I was disappointed I would miss tryouts another year. Being the bold gal she is she wanted to try something new so retired her tennis racquet and gave cheerleading a whirl.
The Air Force Academy is a Division I school – we compete in the Mountain West Conference and have a cheerleading squad. Immediately she gets excited to share her knowledge with me, someone who should already know.
In May 2011, Coach Fisher was part of a team that climbed more than 19,000 feet to reach the summit of Mt. As a military member, we move around so much that it’s inevitable to leave good friends behind. They say home is where the heart is, and when you have a heart as big as Michelle’s, it’s no wonder she can call pretty much anywhere home. Louis Rams Cheerleader Holly By David Tyau, National Correspondent For the past two years, I have covered the St. What he does is give them the best player left on their board, and that’s the best draft strategy you can have.
Just watch his tape against Notre Dame where a young player in Isaac Rochell would have his way, along with some others this year. It is important to note that Randy Gregory and Dorial Green-Beckham would have already been gone if not for their off field concerns so they are wild cards who could be gone by 35 or last until the 40s. She also happens to look just as good in a skin-baring cheerleader uniform as she does in the full-coverage uniform she wears as a captain in the United States Air Force, where she serves as Active Duty. Simply stating, “I knew my time would come; I’m ready for it,” with the brightest of smiles on her face.
The Air Force then moved me to San Antonio, where I cheered for the San Antonio Spurs, from 2011-2012 while stationed at Randolph AFB,” she says. Amidst all the wedding planning, I kept checking the website until one day it was announced that auditions would end on April 16th, one week before my wedding.
I had not been back since graduating and got pretty emotional when I stepped off the plane. A lot of people assume that because we are a military service academy, we don’t have cheerleaders. Louis Rams used to be the Los Angeles Rams from 1946 to 1979, [then moved to Anaheim] and the team relocated to St. Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa, to generate awareness for Wounded Warrior Project and the organization’s mission to honor and empower wounded warriors. I think it’s wonderful that not only do they get to experience what our military members do on a daily basis, but that our military members get the opportunity to meet us as well! Much like being on the team this year, you bond with people you share the same experiences with, so I know I will be making new friends when I get there,” she says optimistically. It can be really hard sometimes, having to move around every couple of years and start over.
Jayme dared to examine Is the Heisman Really a Joke? and asked 10 (or 12) Weird Questions with Syd Wilder. Keep an eye on this pick because he will either be out of the NFL in a couple years due to injury or he will prove to be the best running back picked in recent years.

On the flip side he played better against UCLA and was very impressive in the first half of that game. She’s the go-getter you want to be friends with, or even just stand in the same group of people with, she’s that cool. Michelle admits she tried out for the Spurs a year earlier but got cut, but that didn’t stop her. They valued Peat so this is their guy but we just think they could have traded down and gotten him later.
I enjoy breaking the stereotype that you can’t be feminine and be in the military,” she says enthusiastically. I was proud to give Coach Keely and my teammates a tour of the Academy and describe what life was like as a student. My background in ballet helped me tremendously, thus, I decided to pursue cheerleading after I graduated. But it’s what I signed up to do, and I can say I make the best of where the Air Force takes me.
The only issue with that is it would take another team to do a trade and we don’t know if they had a trade partner. I’ve met people here who have since converted to Rams fans because of the interaction and involvement in our military communities – they see that,” she says proudly. Since the first day of tryouts, everyone in the organization had been so nice and a pleasure to work with, starting with my Coach Keely. Eager to tryout with the Rams, her schedule just didn’t seem to mesh with tryout schedules, which are usually held in April. My husband and I had lots to celebrate – I’ve never been more thrilled in my life!” Michelle says. She works so hard for all of us, both behind the scenes and on the field – she’s everywhere! Even being in the military, there are just some career fields we don’t know about because it’s not in our everyday line of work – it was truly a great experience for me,” she recalls. One of the great things that stands out about this team is the comrade and feeling of ‘belonging.’ We work well together, and have fun doing it. Three, we can seat approximately 66,000 fans inside,” which she compares to the now desolate Astrodome, which holds (or used to) about 60,000 fans. No other stadium dedicates an entire concourse to its stadium club – which is unique,” she says.
Louis (everyone is back in Houston) and my husband (also in the Air Force) is not stationed with me, it’s just me for now.
I just feel so blessed that everything has worked out so far – with me being able to cheer while being in the military – and that I am part of this amazing team. I will forever cherish the experiences and the memories and hope to be able to continue dancing for years to come,” the forever optimist says.

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