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That uniform combination did not change until 1975 when the NY was changed to a sharper looking italicized NY.
During the 70's the Giants experimented with white pants and several types of stripes on the jersey sleeves.
During the 70's, 80's and 90's the Giants kept this look until the franchise switched back to the throwback uniform of the 1960's.

Tittle, #16 Frank Gifford, #32 Al Blozis, #40 Joe Morrison, #42 Charlie Conerly, #50 Ken Strong, and #56 Lawrence Taylor.
The Patriots have five prime-time games on their schedule, including can't-miss showdowns against the Falcons (Week 4), Broncos (Week 12) and Ravens (Week 16).
Manning, Welker Bowl I!!!), but how can that Week 16 matchup against the Ravens not have huge playoff implications?

And don't rule that game out as a prelude for another matchup between those two rivals in the playoffs.

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