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Muslim women wear head scarves for a variety of reasons, but scriptural teachings, national or local custom, and tradition are three of the most common. One source of support for Muslim women wearing head scarves comes from the Qur’an, which is the holy book of Islam. Head coverings are very common in Islamic countries like Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, and Sudan. Some women choose scarves as a way of personally identifying with their faith and making an outward statement of their beliefs that even strangers can recognize. The simplest Muslim headscarf is one or two pieces of fabric that is loosely draped around the head and shoulders, covering the hair but leaving the face totally visible.
Some westerners view wearing head scarves as oppressive to women, but this isn’t always the case.
I was in the library and a lady with her face covered was inquiring as to the services at the library. Just because a Muslim wears a headscarf, it doesn't mean that they are any different than humans like me (and hopefully you). I am 100 times stronger than any Muslim man because I had to survive by myself and leave my birth city alone to work and survive.
I am a very modest and confident woman and certainly not someone who would have sex with a a stranger at the drop of a hat. Several writers have mentioned a passage in the New Testament (1 Corinthians 11:6 NIV) that admonishes women to cover their heads.
For example, a Christian woman working in an American or European office would wear business or business casual style clothing that wouldn't distract her co-workers. Having said that, the whole "cover one's beauty lest she tempt a man" thing says much more about the man's inability to control his thoughts and desires than it does a woman's beauty.
I've also said I believe in dressing modestly and appropriately, but that says more about who I am, than what some man might think. I've seen Indian women in gorgeous saris in Wal-Mart, along with Muslim women wearing scarves and black tunics. So just a friendly piece of advice: if you're in a country where this is not the custom or culture, keep your opinions to yourself. I just want to ask those ladies who think it doesn't matter about wearing head scarves or it doesn't really make sense, would you be more beautiful and pretty and count your hair as a part of your beauty? If yes, then basically cover it because I don't really think you would like to have any stranger take a look if he would like to and give your beauty on a gold plate to anyone. If not and you think it's normal for every woman and not that pretty, then simply shave it.
And in my opinion, if she wants to be attractive, and let's say wants to show her features, then I positively think men will undervalue you and would look, look and look until they had enough, took what they wanted and that is it. I had the chance to ask several males in different religions, countries and societies, Muslim and Christian, and they have all answered similar to what I have said in the beginning. One reason sexual assault crimes are not as prevalent in many Muslim countries is because rape is punishable by death. In any event, women, whatever their religious beliefs, should be able to wear what their beliefs dictate, without fear of reprisal. From an official US organization: There are an average of 207,754 victims (age 12 or older) of rape and sexual assault each year in the US. Even in the US Army, where people are closer than family members, there were 19,000 sex assaults in 2010 alone. I agree with you that these men are sick, but can we realistically catch them before they attack? In the west, they teach the women to have no mercy and torture this man by showing him what makes him more and more filled with sexual energy. To release this energy, some men have money or good a personality and meet lots of ladies where they can spread sexual disease and have children who grow up alone cost the society both financially and by the violence they grew up with because of their frustration. And other men who do not have the money or personality to meet girls, will rape a woman to release his sexual energy.
To find a solution, please remember that we do not live in a utopia or perfect world, but in a world full of different mentalities and personalities. I read someone mentioning it's impractical for women to dress their hair every morning and easier to just wear a scarf.
Burkha and hijabs came into practice because of the lustful nature of the founder of the religion and his army. Who sings chevy song 2014 silverado - iklangratiz, Who sings the new chevy song for 2014 silverado. Who sings the song the new chevy truck mercial 2014, Watch the chevy summer drive born free commercial with song commercial on tv 2014 chevy truck i was born in who sings the song love that commercial what was the song.
Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. La ropa de color negro es infaltable en el guardarropas de toda mujer en cualquier epoca del ano.

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Hindistan, Italya, Endonezya, ABD, Venezuela, Fransa, Ispanya, Filipinler, Arjantin, Ukrayna, Hollanda, Brezilya, Avustralya ve Kolombiya’n?n ilk on bese kald?g? yar?smada 2002’de dunya guzeli secilen Azra Ak?n’a benzerligiyle dikkat ceken Turk guzel 19 yas?ndaki Dilan Cicek Deniz, ise maalesef dereceye giremedi.
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Up to date Shtick indulgence Pry old-fangled search of With an gain of Value Obligation Women in Bookish. Women who choose to cover themselves typically do so as a demonstration of hijab, or “barrier.” Hijab is an Islamic concept that has many interpretations and applications, but where head scarves are concerned it is typically intended to separate women from the eyes of men outside of their immediate family circle. The Qur’an commands women to adopt certain measures of modesty and chastity, and it describes how the prophet Mohammed’s wives were always veiled or covered in public. The laws of these countries sometimes actually require women to cover themselves when in public, though this is increasingly a matter of some controversy. For these women adopting hijab is less about diverting the eyes of men and more about embracing their Islamic culture. In many instances it is simply a traditional part of local dress or a means of self-expression. The librarian (who I know is deaf) did not, could not comprehend or engage in any dialogue.
Look, there are some evil people out in the world, but that doesn't mean that all men are evil and that Muslim men are evil. I want to comment on the views of a lot of Muslim men and women who think that white women are just whores. People had better start learning more about our culture instead of making bigoted, sexist comments. It's not just covering their hair that is degrading -- it is the whole mindset of Islam and that their men think they are superior to them, when women and men are equals. Just because she chooses not to show it to people like you doesn't mean she does not respect it.
Yes, it is part of a woman's beauty and yes, nobody denies women look more beautiful with hair. Most Christian commentaries, however, note that this rule was situation specific to first-century Corinth, since Corinth prostitutes didn't cover their heads. A mentally healthy, mature, adult male should be able to control himself when he sees a woman. You might find yourself flattened not merely by the woman herself, but by her boyfriend, who is insulted that you think his girlfriend is a bimbo because she doesn't wear hijab. There, the important matter is how her decision is made, whether by social pressure or by her faith alone. Este color ademas de estilizar, es elegante, nunca pasa de moda y siempre luce bien ya que combina con todo; una prenda negra es lo que se conoce como un basico. Por ejemplo si lo que se lleva es un vestido o enterito de color negro, para darle un toque de color al vestuario e iluminar el rostro, algun accesorio de color como ser bijou, un panuelo, cinturon, los zapatos, etc., estaria bien. Por ejemplo a la hora de escoger un vestido para una fiesta, obvio que el negro suele ser el clasico, pero para salir del negro liso, las transparencias sectorizadas, que insinuan mas que muestran son una gran opcion. Lo importante es no sobrecargar, es decir no combinar escote con tajo, sino dirigir la atencion a un determinado unico lugar. Vega, Kolombiya’ya 60 y?l aradan sonra bu unvan? kazand?r?rken 300.000 Dolarl?k kralicelik tac?n?n da yeni sahibi oldu.
Halen Javeriana Univesitesi'nde “is idaresi” okuyan yeni kralice 8 yas?nda modellige baslam?s. K?sac?k saclar? ve Halle Barry’e benzerligi ile tum dikkatleri uzerine ceken Fennell’in kralicelik tac?n? Paulina Vega kapt?rm?s olmas? ise daha uzun sure gundemi mesgul edecek gibi gorunuyor.

The idea of hijab has its origins in religious scripture, and the coverings can also be a way for women of faith to outwardly identify with their beliefs and align with their Islamic culture.
Many scholars and religious experts have interpreted the Qur’an to require women to cover at least their head, but sometimes also their face, hands, and feet, when in the presence of men who are not their husbands or not in their households.
Women who live outside of these countries aren’t usually required to wear scarves by any sort of law, but many still choose to as a matter of cultural significance or expectation. The chador is more intensive; it is usually a large piece of cloth that covers not only the head and shoulders but also most of the body.
Niquabs and burquas are generally very rare outside of heavily Muslim countries, and have actually been banned by some schools and universities in these countries as being too disruptive to studies. There are a lot of men who are accused of rapes all over Europe and Canada, and it's not all white males doing it.
Why do these women wear tight jeans, wear tons of makeup, and low cut tops and then cover their hair? Because I am in their country and it is polite and respectful to adhere to the customs of the country one is visiting. Also, there's is no telling how many rapes go unreported in these countries because the woman is also subject to death or imprisonment for getting herself raped, because, obviously, if she hadn't been doing *something* to tempt a man, well, he wouldn't have attacked her, otherwise.
One thing for sure, the women who wear them by choice usually feel safer, and "purer" wearing it in her social circles.
If you were an Arab, you wouldn't start from a grammar book or a dictionary, as that can be misleading.The Qur'an is specific when it asks a woman to cover her beauty in front of unrelated men. Some Arabic and Middle Eastern countries require women to cover their heads by law, and though this isn’t always the case, women in these countries often feel intense social pressure to cover themselves.
Veils and scarves aren’t usually worn at home and not around small children, but are usually required anywhere a women might encounter a man — at school, at the market, or in the office, for instance.
This is particularly true of women who live in large Muslim communities where most if not all of the women are covered. Whether or not women can wear even simple headscarves in places like schools has also become a topic of debate in a number of countries and localities in the West. The other day four non-white males raped a woman who was minding her own business at a bus stop in my city in Canada, and they were beating her. Therefore, Allah is not short of words and would have said cover your hair and chest with your khimar! She does not feel the need to dress like a whore."Is he saying that all women who are not dressing like his wife is dressing like a whore? Thinking on that line, means a beautiful woman must cover her whole body, including the face and eyes - or have those features chopped off the body. If they can't, then the objects of their lust shouldn't be required to cover up to keep these perverts from gawking. Most of the countries in the Middle East have populations of less than a third of America's population. To protect themselves against the founder and his army, beautiful women started covering their faces so that they were not visible to those monsters.
In fact, Saudi Arabia has a sex slave trade around the world right now as we speak, and works slaves as well. I have seen a lot of rude Muslim women too, around Ottawa, who are racist to beautiful white women. Also, the hair can be worn simply not to attract the opposite sex, but who is to say what is attractive? That's the reason you see many pregnant Muslim women in Canada, in spite of having two three kids and the age difference is sometimes less than a year. They were asked to speak with men from behind curtains, and that's total veiling from unrelated men, and that it's for their own purity. I have seen girls cover all their hair, but wear tons of eye makeup, making them more appealing than a girl showing her hair and wearing no makeup.Each women knows her own assets in terms of her beauty and she can choose to emphasize on or not. That may work in some twisted way for young women who are raped, but what about elderly women who have men break into their homes and rape them? These monsters would be on camels or horses for several days and there was a scarcity of water in the desert. Obviously, covering the hair has a lot to do with modesty.Covering the hair is even a part of previous scriptures of Allah - the Torah and the Gospel, which is why we see the practice among devout Christians and Jews.
Her intention is important because hijab is not just about your physical attributes, but also how you act and behave.

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