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New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady is sacked by Lions DT Ndamukong Suh in the first quarter of their NFL football game in Detroit, Michigan, November 25, 2010. The New England Patriots and Detroit Lions square off as they set off Week 3 of the NFL Preseason. At the quarterback position, the Lions have been testing their backup, Shaun Hill, who has the only touchdown thrown by a quarterback.
The Patriots are having no trouble running the ball this offseason and they only hope these stats can transfer over to the 2013 regular season. Matthew Stafford and the Lions are not as successful as the Patriots, but the team can burn any secondary in football.

So far in the preseason, the Pats are second in football, averaging 193.5 rushing yards per game. They will heavily rely on the running game and just in case Tom Brady can't make it the entire season, they are trying to see if Ryan Mallett can run the offense in New England. If you don't want to pay for the online live stream, watch the ravens' game were ESPN will surely show highlights from the Lions vs.
With Calvin Johnson as the top receiver in the league this past season, Stafford has a target he confides in. But Nike and the NFL knew better than to take on a gigantic overhaul of some truly traditional brands.For instance, Bears fans wouldn't take too kindly to blowing up Chicago's logo and creating a new image for the Bears.

But they did, Van Horne noted, use smaller changes within the bigger uniform to create subtle changes."We're really, really proud about the things we've done," Van Horn said. Everything from the modern look of what the Seahawks want to be to honoring the heritage of the Chicago Bears and bringing back the size and scale of the GSH stripe and really honoring that tradition in a different way.

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