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Our online store carries a massive range of NBA basketball jerseys & vintage sports jackets - something for everyone! Known as the Washington Wizards since 1997, this Eastern Conference NBA team goes back to 1961 when it was known as the Chicago Packers, moving to Baltimore in 1963 and changing its name to the Bullets (I guess they never saw The Wire coming), then moving to Washington in 1974. They went Washington Monument-happy with their wordmarks, turning any ascender into the pointy structure.
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Established in 2002 RetroStar Vintage Clothing has grown into the largest vintage store in Australia. The color scheme is decent but that wacky typeface belongs on the packaging for some kids’ drink, and that logo is simply too lame for words. As the Bullets the team won the championship in 1978 and as the Wizards they are best known for hosting Michael Jordan’s twenty-third un-retirement.
As the Bullets the team won the championship in 1978 and as the Wizards they are best known for hosting Michael Jordan's twenty-third un-retirement. Located in the heritage Nicholas Building in Swanston Street Melbourne, it is home to an extensive range of vintage clothing, shoes, bags and accessories.
Yesterday, the Wizards unveiled new uniforms and secondary logos that hark back to their look of decades past.

The Washington Monument ball looks as if it came from another team altogether, with a swoopy and stylish look that clashes against the angularity of everything else.
Then there is all lowercase and all uppercase variations so as to not establish any kind of consistency.
The uniforms and marks have been designed in collaboration with their apparel provider, adidas. As an icon by itself, perhaps for a league of Washington-based basketball teams it would be fine, but as part of this package it has nothing to do here.

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