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Researchers at Washington University in St Louis (WU) say they’ve found a way to effectively destroy the HIV virus using a toxin found in bee venom. Louis can provide you with invaluable tools to create compelling visuals for the spatial attributes of data. Overcoming Adversity: From Tics to Tolerance Alumnus Marc Elliot uses his struggles with Tourette syndrome to address the theme of tolerance with high school and college students around the country.
The study, published in the journal Antiviral Therapy, states that the technique not only destroys the virus that causes AIDS, but also leaves surrounding cells intact.

ALUMNI ACTIVITIES: Circus Flora Welcomes University Join alumni, students, parents, staff and friends for the first Washington U. Researchers say they hope the nanoparticle technology could be incorporated into a gel to prevent the spread of HIV in areas with high rates of infection. For 2012, the show is being created around the magical and enchanting elements of Merlin and the legends of King Arthur.
Similar to the way a bee injects its venom into your skin using its stinger, the toxin melittin is able to poke holes in the protective coating of HIV and other viruses.

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