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At the Dallas finals of NBC’s hit show American Ninja Warrior, a 5-foot-tall, 100-pound athlete proved victorious over one of the hardest obstacle courses in the world. In the six seasons of the show, Catanzaro is the only female athlete to beat the intermediate obstacle course. In case you were worried about his backstory and workout regimen, above is her audition video to be considered for season 6 of the show.
Catanzaro has been training with her boyfriend, Brent Steffensen, a four-time returning veteran of American Ninja Warrior who has been successful in the past.
Seen as an inspiration to people everywhere, Catanzaro became the subject of the hashtag #MightyKacy, which trended worldwide on Twitter after her successful run.
Before we talk about the benefits of kendo, I want you to know about a bit of kendo history.
But without know kendo history, it is hard to grasp the benefits of kendo.Kendo is the way of the sword. Now kenjutsu remains in Iaido (the way of drawing sword) and a training method of kenjutsu turned into kendo.
Even though kendo was a part of the training of kenjutsu, it was and still is the way of the sword. How the heck do we better ourselves through samurai swordsmanship when we don't carry any swords around, you might want to ask.
By actually training with others we train our body and mental state of our mind and learn samurai swordsmanship.

Kendo places proper attitudes into subconcious to make proper reactions I have found that Kendo has different additional philosophical teaching than karate.
How kendo has helped my life Not rated yetBefore I found Kendo I was always worried about others. Kendo teaches art to Martial Not rated yetKendo at its core carries with it much within its training that is not understood by most and never realized by the uninitiated. Kendo has improved my self confidece and helped me stay calm  Not rated yetBefore I started kendo I was weak and I used to get angry very quick.
Kendo has helped me find friends, improve my life and improve my health Not rated yetI've had quite a few benefits to Kendo, but I'll just list the most important ones. Concentrating on the present  Not rated yetKendo helps me to concentrate on the present things. Kendo helped me to focus on my energy Not rated yetI have been practicing Kendo for the last 3 years. Hiro's Review on Okuzono sensei vs Nakamura sensei Aug 25, 16 05:30 AMHiro's Review on Okuzono sensei's great men-kaeshi-do at Kendo For Life Club is ready for you to watch. Kendo Podcast 21: How to Make Your Suburi More Effective Aug 24, 16 01:53 PMDo you want to know how you can make your suburi more effective?
Kacy Catanzaro, 24, made headlines when she completed a course that defeated dozens of muscle-bound men and made it look easy. As Season 6 of American Ninja Warrior presses on, she will return for the show’s final round in Las Vegas.

However, the night Catanzaro destroyed the course, Steffensen fell during an obstacle his girlfriend defeated easily. Needless to say, they often hurt themselves during training or even they killed their training partner because of the training with bokuto. Apparently Kamiizumi Isenokami Nobutsuna invented the first shinai-like training stick called hikihada in the early 16th century. With bamboo swords and these bogu, they could train kenjutsu very hard without hurting or killing their training partners. Kendo is a good exercise for your physical health, and also samurai swordsmanship or philosophy is quite helpful to our daily life. It's an excellent sport, as well as an excellent way of life; at list this is how I see it. In 2012, her senior year, she was named the NCAA’s Southeast Regional Gymnast of the Year. Share your story, experiences or some good stories you heard form your friends about the benefits of kendo.

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