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With the web’s best collection of art and fonts, the Design Lab makes it easy to create custom t-shirts your group will love.
Rally support for a cause, loved one, group or project by selling custom t-shirts and collecting donations online. Meet our team, find out why Fortune magazine named us a great place to work, or get in touch if you think we should be partners. Whether you’re restocking an entire order or just need a few more, Inkers make the process quick and easy. Zap2It has released yet another synopsis for season 6 as we slowly come to the close of another season. A Group going by the name of Bit Bucket Brigade is hosting a summer funimation project dedicated to building a fan created episode for everyone to enjoy, and want the community as a whole to decide on what exactly it will entail!
The first round is focusing on screen writing, so get your keyboards fired up and ready to go! As many of you have noticed from a recent report on The Daily Dot, WhiteDove, famous for (among other things) selling a plushie to Lauren Faust, is being pressured by Hasbro to remove all information and deviations pertaining to the sale of plushies on her DeviantART account.
WhiteDove herself has confirmed that she was not singled out by the company, but rather that an unknown individual reported her to them. Thus far, there have been no reports of other high-profile plush makers being targeted, indicating this is not part of a larger-scale operation.
Posted on July 12, 2013 at 9:09 am by Joe Moore under DC Toy News, Girls Toy News, San Diego Comic Con, Star Wars Toy News, Video Game Toy News Funko seems determined to have more San Diego Comic-Con 2013 Exclusives than anyone else. So, are we getting a regular release Alien and Predator, or are the SDCC only ones they'll ever make?? Written by Matt FrazierIf you’re one of the 2500 or so people who now owns a No Meat Athlete shirt, chances are good that you got it via the simple sales page on my blog.

I’ve stocked it full of No Meat Athlete stuff, not to mention a brand new shipment of shirts. You all have seriously ramped up the number of pictures you’re sending and posting on the NMA Facebook page. Be like these awesome folks and head to the store so you can grab yours while your in stock. All designed to take the stress out of meal planning and help you experience the health and energy you know is possible. Health Made Simple features five 30-day, plant-based meal plans for all different lifestyles and needs, so that you can eat the way you know is right while making sure you get everything you need.
And with live Q&A sessions built right into the program, you'll never need to worry that you're not doing it right, or wonder how best to adapt it to meet your goals. Sadly I’m a little far away from Baltimore these days, but I went to school in Baltimore and ate at One World at least once a week! I actually like sauerkraut a lot (my wife thinks it’s weird that my family always had it at Thanksgiving). I think you should also sell books from the people you reviewed and possibly vega supplements. Jeni, the singlets that are on their way are green with white trim, and along with those I’ll be getting some green of the regular technical shirts too. Jon, once I get the singlets in I’m going to look at putting together some sort of package deal.
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The full details can be found after the break, along with links to all resources regarding the project. There has been a lot of speculation on the part of the fanbase as to why Hasbro would do something like this when they are not involved in the plushie market themselves. Once you become informed of a person or company profiting off of your intellectual property as WhiteDove was with My Little Pony, you are required to mount a defense against the offender. Discuss this information with your own physician or healthcare provider to determine what is right for you.
Failure to do so can and will result in the voiding of your trademark and all the protections thereof. All information is intended for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions. Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie are ToyWiz exclusives, and Rainbow Dash is a shared exclusive with Gemini. Hasbro has long been squandering an opportunity to make a huge amount of money by marketing an official plush, but their business strategies are their own. But even if they choose to turn down our money, by actively turning a blind eye to the sale of fanworks, they risk losing their capacity to market anything to us at all.

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