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After seeing how quickly my first baby outgrew her new clothes (some never even worn), I resolved to get as much secondhand clothes as possible for baby #2. I did buy a pack of new socks and a pack of newborn undershirts, simply because I was having a hard time finding them used and I just wanted to cross them off the list. Frugal Housewife, I get used shoes for my daughter because I usually find pairs that haven’t been worn at all. Veggiemomof2, I used to love getting hand-me-downs from these stylish older girls when I was young! I figure if I am saving $ on clothes, toys, and gear, I have more $ available to do fun activities together and save for college. Since I frequently buy used clothes for myself, I certainly had no issue with consignment stores or hand-me-downs for my now 2-year-old, and have found some fantastic (un-stained) deals at Salvation Army.
Being a child from a big family who grew up wearing mostly hand-me-downs, I don’t have any clue why people would have a problem with used clothes. I can honestly say that I’ve only purchased 2 articles of clothing for our baby due in February. Secondhand clothing stores are better for the environment and better for your bank balance.
Featuring a dazzling array of vintage clothing from the past half-century, By Retro is Istanbul’s oldest and largest secondhand clothing shop. Istanbul’s priciest secondhand clothing shop by far, mozk has survived long enough to prove that demand exists for the very high-quality vintage pieces they have on offer. Anyone who has wandered through Cihangir before will recognize the lovely outdoor displays of myPERA, one of the neighborhood’s oldest secondhand stores.
Tucked underground in a building just off Galip Dede Street, the hill that winds down from Istiklal Avenue to Galata Tower, Binbavul feels like a pirate cave. Although it’s at the top of its street, the underground den of Atolye Do Bora is hard to spot unless you know to look for its display of vintage televisions, roller skates, and clothing hanging outside.
Like an old curiosity shop, every inch of this longstanding secondhand store is covered with intriguing antique items for sale, from old photographs, movie posters, and jewelry to bird cages, vintage games, and taxidermied animals.
This secondhand shop in Cihangir has just moved indoors from its habitual stall at a corner of two main streets in the fashionable neighborhood.
Julia spent her childhood summers in a remote research station in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, helping her father with a 25-year-old experiment in which he simulated global warming over a patch of alpine meadow. Neighbour’s original blueprint has now been used to successfully open 11 stores nationally and 1 in Tokyo.

She is the mastermind seamstress behind My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding's extravagant wedding gowns.But Sondra Celli, the Boston-based designer who handcrafts the TLC series' trademark frocks, has admitted that the gypsy population's over-the-top bridal taste even shocks her. Coveted style: While she did not design Cheyanne Pidgley's gown (above), Ms Celli has been asked to design copycat wedding gowns. Token gift and discounted price in exchange for donating used denim at any local Guess store. The programme aims to encourage denim recycling across the board, with Guess offering a keychain and 30 per cent off a new regular-priced Guess denim item bought in-store or online in exchange for donating used denim at any local Guess store. Denim collected through the Blue Jeans Go Green programme will then be recycled into UltraTouch Denim Insulation by Bonded Logic Inc and given a “new life”, with a portion of this denim insulation to be distributed to organisations such as Habitat for Humanity to help communities in need (via WWD).
The tie-up with Cotton Incorporated follows the recent launch of #GuessEco, the brand’s eco-friendly, sustainable denim capsule collection made using a more efficient production process. My favorite hand-me-downs came from a particular friend who confided that her favorite pieces were hand-me-downs to her from a friend who did buy expensive, European-made baby clothes (though I don’t think any of the onesies cost $150).
My inlaws had an issue with the idea when I was pregnant with my first, but within the first few months they realized how expensive new clothes were, and my mother-in-law started asking me where my favorite shops were.
Recently, I’ve found snow boots for each of our children, a winter footed coat for our baby due in 7 weeks (tags on!
We have 6 full totes of second hand clothes from my niece and don’t plan to buy any (new or used) until we see that the sizes may not fit right.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Men and women can browse a vast selection of retro fashions, from evening dresses to peacoats, vintage sunglasses to chandeliers, glittery heels to winter boots, as well as various household furniture and accessories. Despite this recent opening, owner Eleni Ozgur has already amassed a very respectable selection of women’s clothing, accessories, and small furniture.
Arranged like the rooms in a house of extremely well-dressed ladies, the clothing displays are in magnificent wardrobes, most of which are also for sale.
Conveniently located just next door to a used shoe-seller, this cosy little corner shop contains some real gems in its limited space. Half the fun is in exploring the various clothing racks and accessory displays in the dim lighting of the shop. Part cafe, part secondhand clothing and bookshop, part boutique, this inviting space just beneath Galata Tower has a mix of used items and new ones. The clothing section is a small room in the back, and while it’s not the main attraction, some interesting pieces can be found.

When not measuring plant species diversity or carbon flux in the soil, she could be found scampering around the forests and finding snowbanks to slide down. The designer, who has been creating wedding gowns for America's traveling communities for 33-years, told MailOnline that some days she just 'sits there, shaking her head' as the wacky requests roll in.
Frequently, they had so much clothing as babies they couldn’t wear it all- and I was able to pass on many new, unworn things to someone else. In the past few months alone, several excellent options have opened in fashionable central neighborhoods such as Galata and Cihangir. Pick up a handmade soap, journal, or doll in the front on your way out – it all supports a very worthy cause. Other furniture and accessories (think vintage perfume bottles and costume jewelry) are also tastefully arranged on mozk’s two floors. Vintage delights such as record players and old accordions can be purchased here, as well as more ordinary items.
At 5 TL ($3) each, the stacked shelves of used books are a steal – and the cafe is the perfect place to read them, or to catch some local authors and poets giving a reading. A mix of quirky vintage pieces, costumes, and used clothing in piles in the back, Mine’s shop is secondhand culture at its most local and grassroots. Now she is a freelance journalist living in Istanbul, where her passion for the environment intersects with her interest in Turkish politics and grassroots culture. Ms Celli said it is a process that she enjoys.'It's always new, everything I do,' she said.
I guess my other issue that keeps me out of second-hand stores is that I don’t like to rummage for good, quality finds.
Not to mention maternity clothes from their partner store next door – I stopped in the day they had a clearance rack outside, and got 10 long-sleeved shirts for a dollar apiece!!
Equal parts vintage boutique and thrift shop, myPERA is a must-visit for any secondhand shopper in Istanbul.

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