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The Media Psychology Lab is a group of researchers who strive to understand the influence of the mass media on human behavior and individuals’ minds. Sonya Dal Cin is an Associate Professor in Communication Studies and Research Associate Professor in the Institute for Social Research, Research Center for Group Dynamics at the University of Michigan. Julia Lippman conducts research on predictors and effects of media use.  Areas of special interest include gender, sexual socialization, and gendered violence. Why wasn’t this lab open when I was in the engineering program at the University of Michigan?  Doesn’t it always seem to be the case that when you graduate from a high school or a university (or leave a workplace even), improvements come the moment you walk out the door? The University of Michigan will soon begin construction on an $8 million battery testing lab.
The lab, which will be used by Ford, is open to all automakers, battery developers and even to me or you, provided that we have the funds to pay a rental fee. The latest addition of 50,000 square feet brings to 85,000 the total square footage of the lab.
Ford also just announced a $50 Million investment in battery technology and engineers in July of this year. The Randall Laboratory building of the University of Michigan is seen in Ann Arbor, Michigan Thursday June 6, 2013. Antenna Measurement Chamber with a dedicated 10-100GHz measurement system Microwave to TeraHertz Device Fabrication. We investigate how the mass media affect thinking, emotions, and behaviors and how these in turn shape the experiences that individuals have with the mass media. Dal Cin is particularly interested in how we process the messages contained in stories and how our "relationship" with a character influences this processing. Earl’s primary research interests are understanding the causes and consequences of biased selection and attention to persuasive information, particularly in the context of health promotion.
His research takes a social psychological perspective on interpersonal communication in the contexts of social networks and mobile media.
His research examines the social implications of recent and emerging information, communication, and media technologies with an emphasis on the digital marketing and advertising infrastructure.

Her research interests include the role of narratives in health communication and health-related decision-making, as well as the use of new technologies to reduce health disparities among minority populations, particularly American Indians. His research interests typically revolve around how minor aspects of a situation can have profound affects on thinking and judgment. Broadly she is interested in improving community outcomes in measurable and meaningful ways.
The expansion made possible the increase in the number of pack-level test channels from 64 to 112 and cell-level test channels from 96 to120. Undergraduates and Graduate Students should follow guidelines on the Communications Studies website. Dal Cin is interested in the use of stories as persuasive tools, with applications in health-related attitudes and behaviours.
She came to the University of Michigan in 2007, following a Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Norris Cotton Cancer Center at Dartmouth College and Dartmouth Medical School. Simply stated, she is interested in what we pay attention to and why, and how this attention (or inattention) influences attitudinal and behavioral outcomes, such as persuasion and healthy behavior. Current projects consider how the processes of automaticity, immersion, and emotion influence these social behaviors .One application of his research is the issue of distracted driving. Fun Fact Alert! His favorite TV shows are The West Wing, The Wire, and Comedy Bang! Her work has examined the role of exposure to teen romantic media in acceptance of intimate partner and sexual violence and she has also sought to describe and quantify media contexts containing scripts related to sexual and intimate partner violence.
Current projects examine personalized marketing, the personal data ecosystem, and how new forms of audience buying impact individuals, groups, and society. During her time at Cornell, she completed a study on the access to and use of the Internet and mobile technology for health information among Hopi Indians living on the reservation.
Broadly, she is interested in applying social psychological research to the study of health behaviors.
For instance, the weight of a clipboard can affect how important you think a survey is, and the inclusion of certain standard survey questions can affect the mindset you bring to a survey.
Our work is necessarily interdisciplinary and uses concepts and methods from molecular genetics, microbiology, genomics, population genetics, developmental biology, phylogenetics, ichthyology, mariculture, morphology, behavior, and ecology in a combination of laboratory, computer-based, and field research studies.

She conducts research on how stories can impact what people think about themselves, others, and everyday issues and whether this has an impact on how people behave. In particular, her work has addressed disparities in attention to information about HIV prevention for African-Americans compared to European-Americans as a predictor of disparities in health outcomes. Sarah is originally from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  Fun Fact Alert! She is an avid hiker and tennis player, loves yoga and has an elderly springer spaniel named Clover. One primary area of research in on how we use metaphors to understand relatively abstract concepts in terms of more concrete, easier-to-understand ones. Our laboratory and computer-based work is carried out primarily at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. She is most interested in health-related thoughts and behaviors because of their importance for personal and societal well-being. She is also exploring barriers to attention to health information by African-Americans, including the roles of stigma, shame, fear, and perceptions of irrelevance. While media and everyday discourse may often employ conceptual metaphors to portray a more vivid story or encourage certain actions, my research suggests that these metaphors may ultimately hurt our understanding of these concepts.
Ali is interested in the ways in which women who have sex with women receive sexual health information and how health concerns specific to the lesbian community are oftentimes overlooked and neglected. Field study sites for current research projects include the coral reefs of Okinawa and near-shore and deep-sea habitats of Suruga Bay. At a more basic attitudes and persuasion level, she is currently pursuing work relevant to how we select information for liked versus disliked others, and how the role of choice influences how we process information we agree versus disagree with.

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