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Columbia, MO-based photographer Justin Kelley shot a college basketball game at Mizzou Arena.
The Missouri Tigers took on the Kansas State Wildcats in a Big XII college basketball game on Tuesday evening and I was at Mizzou Arena to cover the action.
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This will mark the fourth straight year for the southeastern Kansas event, which takes its name from its main sponsor. Okalahoma University --> --> You are using an outdated browser.
The teams played a very physical and hard fought game and Kansas State came out on top, delivering the third ranked Tigers their third loss of the season. If you're interested in purchasing any of the equipment or services mentioned in our posts, please use our links as we will receive a portion of the sale to help run the blog.

He says wheelchair basketball games are as fast-paced and exciting as traditional basketball. Missouri pulled to within three in the second half, but they were not able to get over the hump. After next season, they will have three years of eligibility remaining.“Our players have been working hard this summer, and when they found out the news, they were working even harder,” Olivier said.
They said no issues arose at Kansas, either, because their fellow Jayhawks saw how seriously the twins took basketball.“Outside of the gym, I think, is where we proved to them that we were serious about being teammates and serious about working hard and serious about winning,” Dakota said. I think that really gained the respect from our teammates that they knew, too, that we were there to work hard.”Both 6-foot guards were star players at Pocatello’s Highland High School. The twins’ mother, Angie Snider (now Angela Gonzalez), was one of the top players in the program’s history.
She said, however, the chance to play that season gives her a goal and makes it easier to cope with not being able to compete in games.“On top of that, I want to get my team there,” Dylan said.

Jackson also represented Kansas State’s Leticia Romero, who received national attention after the Wildcats initially denied her request to transfer.
She eventually was allowed to leave for any school outside the Big 12.Rock Chalk Blog, citing unnamed sources, said the twins didn’t get along with Kansas coach Bonnie Henrickson, and found out shortly after arriving on campus that assistant coach Terry Nooner had left for Alabama.
He recruited them to Kansas.In announcing their departures on Instagram, both players thanked teammates, classmates and fans for their support, and Dylan even mentioned the men’s basketball coaches.

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