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The Ultimate Warrior may have tragically passed away, but his energy will live eternally in the hearts of millions of WWE fans all around the globe. Metro takes a look back at some of the moments that marked the Warrior out as one of the all-time great childhood heroes. And most of all, he made running around your living room with luminous tassels strapped to your arms acceptable. It was a beautiful and emotional look back on Warrior’s career and a deeper look into his final three days on this earth that he cherished. My first WrestleMania was WrestleMania 6 and I remember watching that match between Warrior and Hogan.
So as I sit here at midnight on a cool friday morning here in Los Angeles, I remember one of my favorite pro wrestlers of all time. Glenn lives in Los Angeles, California and has been an avid professional wrestling fan since the "New Generation" era of WWE.
You can watch Heatseeker on Netflix Watch Instant or stream it on Amazon Instant Video to support this column. Have you ever really wished that Enter The Dragon had significantly less charismatic stars and way more cyborgs? But before I get too far into the specifics of the film, I’d like to spend a little bit of time paying homage to Mr.
Probably the most awesome thing about the whole cybernetic implant sub-plot is how little impact it really has on the ultimate film itself.
Our hero is Chance O’Brien (Keith Cooke), the world’s greatest fighter and opponent of cybernetic enhancement. Star Keith Cooke is fairly wooden throughout, and it doesn’t surprise me that his career didn’t exactly go the leading man route. Heatseeker is really just one more entry in the endless catalog of tournament movies when it all comes down to it.
Ed changed careers and moved halfway across the country from Maryland to Austin with his amazingly understanding wife just to figure out how to earn a living watching movies. The man known as Warrior understood what life is all about and how we shouldn’t waste it. Though I am not going to choose to talk about his mistakes and opinions about certain topics. As long as it was, you could totally see him coming to terms with a lot of past turmoil with the WWE and certain individuals.

When he is not speaking his mind on The Shoot, he is working on his film projects and touring the country filming everything that happens during a non profit traveling music festival. Well, precisely because he is very much still alive, but recently announced his upcoming retirement. You’ve got the clandestine tournament, you’ve got a final villain that our hero must face, and you’ve got some shady dealings and intrigue outside the ring. It is basically a martial arts movie where, at the end of each fight, a dude’s robo-knee gets broken and you get some shots of pretty awesome cyber-gore. He’s a pure fighter with nothing to prove after defeating Xao (Gary Daniels) in the opening credits. But with a crazy physique and gifted martial arts ability, he has gone on to work in films for decades perhaps most famously as Reptile in Mortal Kombat and Sub-Zero in Mortal Kombat: Annihilation. But if you like a little Roger Corman-esque evil-corporate future kitch thrown in with your cybernetic martial artists, then Albert Pyun’s Heatseeker is just a click away. He was the most unique character in the history of the business and to see him finally make peace with the company that helped him reach superstardom is absolutely fantastic. And if what that man did in his life makes the blood pulse through the body of others, and makes them bleed deeper, and something larger than life, then his essence, his spirit, will be immortalized. Heatseeker (1995) is a film written and directed by B-action movie legend Albert Pyun that tells the story of a 100% human fighter in a “futuristic” 2019 in which most fighters have begun undergoing cybernetic enhancement operations funded by huge multinational corporations.
As a matter of fact, Pyun’s attachment to a movie is all I need to hear to queue up the title. Pyun took to social media to announce that health issues (MS) have prevented him from working any longer and that the completion of his last couple of features will be his final film output. Oh, and don’t forget the fighter who befriends our lead and either A) gets hurt or killed to push our hero 2 the limit or B) befriends our hero but ultimately disappoints or betrays them. Otherwise, you don’t get a bunch of Terminator-like eye-read-out shots or mechanical whirring when robo-characters walk around or fight. But when an evil… Marketing Executive?… from a cybernetic systems company called Sianon invests a ton of money to outfit Xao with tons of implants and upgrades, he proposes that Sianon host their own tournament with their own rules. His mother, his wife and his two beautiful daughters lit up with love and it was absolutely gorgeous. By the storytellers, by the loyalty, by the memory of those who honor him and make the running the man did live forever. To always wake up and bust our asses to make the best life we can while we are here on earth.

His tireless work to bring crazy, cultish, genre cinema to my eyeballs and millions of others over a career that has spanned decades should be commended.
While I am sad to hear of his health issues, I am glad to take an opportunity to thank him for the many hours of entertainment he has brought to my life and others’.
I knew when I saw Daniels here that he was both the clear stand out performance and presence in the movie, but also that I should know him from other films. As the column grows, the intent will be to re-capture the whimsy of perusing the aisles of your local video store with only ragingly kick ass cover art to aide you in your quest for sweaty action glory. Check out a great piece by Outlaw Vern for a better written and more personal homage to Mr.
As it turns out, Daniels is a career-long action star in his own right who has literally dozens of screen credits to his name. Pyun called Adrenalin: Fear The Rush (1996) which was just one of the most thin and listless features I have seen in years.
Pyun that also offers a way you can financially support Pyun’s retirement celebration.
I promptly watched his star vehicle Fist Of The North Star (1995) and fell crazy in love with that movie.
This is a safe place where we still believe that one lone hero can save humanity by sheer force of will and generous steroid usage.
Natasha Henstridge and Christopher Lambert chase a diseased mutant around underground sewers in a sustained, feature-long, flaccid as hell chase movie. I probably would have written that film up instead if Pyun hadn’t made his retirement announcement when he did. And my guess is that if you pressed play because of Pyun, cyborgs, or marial arts, you’ll probably have a pretty fun time.
But when you take in a film by Albert Pyun, you are taking in the work of one of the great cult and b-movie directors of the 1980s and 1990s.
The man brought us The Sword And The Sorcerer in 1982, Cyborg in 1989, and even Captain America in 1990! Pyun recently delivered a sequel he had been promising since the 1982 end credits of Sword And The Sorcerer with 2010’s Abelar: Tales Of An Ancient Empire.

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