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Fresh off of an embarrassing 6-0 loss to a Columbus Blue Jacket lineup that was without the services of defenseman James Wisniewski and forwards Nathan Horton, Marian Gaborik and Brandon Dubinsky, Toronto Maple Leafs head coach Randy Carlyle has to be concerned with his teams lack of effort and the overall inconsistency with which the Blue and White seem to be approaching opponents. While Toronto still sits fourth overall in the Eastern Conference standings, they have amassed a paltry 4-5-1 record in their past ten games, scoring a pathetic 18 goals over that span, nine of which came in games against the Buffalo Sabres and New York Islanders in which the Leafs scored a total of four and five goals, respectively. Toronto’s duo of Jonathan Bernier and James Reimer have been excellent during their teams recent ten game struggles, giving up just 22 goals until Reimer gave up six against Columbus Monday night, bringing the total to 28 over the ten game span.
While Bernier and Reimer have been steady between the pipes, Toronto’s defenders have struggled to find any consistency and have contributed large to their teams’ penchant for giving up far too many shots on net, giving up a total of 341 shots per game over that ten game span for an average of 34.1 shots per game.
Of course, defense is the responsibility of the entire team, so the forwards have their share of the blame to shoulder as well. Let’s face it folks, after a great start to the early season, collectively, the Maple Leafs have been horrific of late. With Bolland a long way away from returning, Joffrey Lupul out of the lineup with a lower body injury for God knows how long, both Mark Fraser and Paul Ranger playing horrible hockey and the entire team choosing to ignore their defensive responsibilities, there is every reason to believe the Maple Leafs will continue to slide in the standings.
A better overall effort, more consistent scoring, getting the defense to contribute on the power play and the emergence of some accountability would serve the Maple Leafs well.
Buckle up Leaf fans, with December’s schedule looking very tough, it appears as if the Maple Leafs will be struggling right through Christmas. If Toronto fails to figure it out soon, you can count on the Blue and White on the outside looking in when it comes to a playoff spot when December is over. I follow tennis more closely than any other sport, including the NBA and the Raptors, and to hear Tim and Sid the other day talk about tennis, which admit tingly they know little about, was astonishing though to the degree of their lack of basic knowledge.
When Tim and Sid had no clue as to how far Milos had advanced in a major, trying to compare it to Genie and her recent run, it varied from the semi finals to quarters, but neither knew. As I was getting in late last night, both stations were disussing, or trying to wax poetic on Bouchard’s run, and what that would mean for tennis in Canada moving forward.
Last night, Naylor had Carling Bassett-Seguso on, and atleast the sport is getting SOME attention.
I agree with both Lee and Poker Guy, it is disgraceful how few resources are devoted to tennis, when our future, and present, has never looked brighter. To illustrate this, it took TSN about fifteen minutes to realize that the ESPN coverage for Genie’s quarter final round against Ivanovic was not being covered, and they finally switched over to the tennis tv feed. For the start of the semi final match against Lee, they learned their lesson, and advised you to go to TSN2 to watch the start of the match interrupting the hockey game there, and once the Canadians game ended, they switched back.
These are more production issues than anything, so I can cut some slack there, although TSN in general has done a horrible job covering basketball in the past, cutting away at the earliest opportunity to their Sportsdesk show, like after the NBA All-Star game, even before the MVP was announced.
Getting back to who I can listen to and learn from in the Canadian market, Tom Tebbutt is amazing, I love his blog, and he always answers my direct questions to him on Twitter, although it can take some time to get a response back, due to his busy schedule. Some of the recent questions and responses back were as follows, and I give him a lot of credit for being the face of Canadian tennis for so long, and do it so well. I am illustrating the point how classy an individual Tom is to take the time to respond back, without any degree of sarcasm, or talking down to you, where there are other tennis media people I interchange with, and I do sometimes get back some know it all responses. To update on Vasek for the Davis Cup, Tom did report back that he is doing better, and will be ready for Japan. I can cut Cox some slack, because in the radio interview that Tom conducted with Frank, Frank himself did not remember playing any of those matches, but that is not the point.
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At this time we do not provide exchanges or refunds due to the cost and labor involved in making the jersey dresses; so please be sure when choosing your size and include any details on height in the special comments box!

There are a few things I’ve noticed from my few experiences attending a show and one is that just about everyone is looking for Molly. The second major thing I noticed, along with the first thing, was the thousands of beautiful girls wearing next to nothing. As these festivals and DJs become more mainstream, a hipster-like mentality begins to shine through from those who have been attending these shows for years. Your rave culture in america is completely different to that of the origins of rave in the uk, which i about standing against oppressive regimes telling you how to think feel and act, the clothing shore you can say is an expression of individuality, and to an extent it is, but the shear amount of basic nudity at the festival, although making it more attractive for the clientele, is just ridiculous.
I am over the age of thirteen and clicked on to this site based on the Rave girl that was shown in teaser picture.
Sure, the Maple Leafs were without the services of Nazem Kadri for three games and early season spark plug Dave Bolland has also been absent, as has Tyler Bozak. Truth be told, the Maple Leafs are yet to play their “B” game, let alone their “A” game, as many of their early season wins came in spite of how the team was performing on the ice— which was questionable on most night’s.
The Maple Leafs rely on their goaltenders far too much, surrendering an alarming 35.6 shots per game (28th overall) and giving up an alarming amount of two-on-ones. Toronto has been grossly effected by the loss of Tyler Bozak, Dave Bolland and the three game suspension incurred by Nazem Kadri didn’t help either. Known as a team with tremendous offensive talent on the backend, Toronto’s blueline has scored a grand total of three goals collectively.
On the other hand, a shakeup via a big trade might just work as well, but with salary cap restrictions handcuffing most NHL teams, a trade might be difficult—especially one the size and magnitude that Nonis would have to pull off.
As a huge tennis fan myself, I often wonder why the places around here don’t use Tebbutt more. If a man had all those things she’s looking for in a man, the guy could do a lot better. I personally have not but I did attend Spring Awakening last summer in Chicago and although it did not attract millions from all around the world, it did fill up Soldier’s Field. Apparently, girls no longer have to wait for Halloween as the excuse to hit the streets wearing provocative attire.
I am sorry that I did not do any research for this post except for attending a couple shows. Rave culture has such a negative stigma and for people, like myself, who actually attend festivals because of PLUR and the love of music..
But after many years of going i find myself admiring the beauty of the individuals i see and the happiness it brings to me, Inspires me to keep loving the world and try and help out where i can.I hope you feel blessed that you had the opportunity to share all that beauty with the world . That said, the Maple Leafs’ offensive struggles are just one piece of the puzzle that has fans and management in worry mode. To say the Maple Leafs have left their netminders to fend for themselves on more nights than not would be an understatement. Sure, Maple Leafs general manager Dave Nonis bolstered his lineup by adding project centre Peter Holland to the lineup, but Holland is just that—a project— and will take time to properly acclimate himself to the Leafs’ lineup.
Bernier and Reimer have been excellent, after that, it’s a crap shoot as to what you’ll get on any given game night, and that is a huge issue. Louis Blues, Detroit Red Wings, Pittsburgh Penguins, Phoenix Coyotes, Chicago Blackhawks, New York Rangers, Los Angeles Kings, Ottawa Senators and Carolina Hurricanes— that’s a lot of great teams if you consider where they currently sit in the standings! While the cameras were rolling for the show, the footage won’t air for months–so read on for tons of photos & reports from the big day! This website is not endorsed by or affiliated with the National Hockey League or any of its member clubs. Doesn’t matter if you love the style of music or if you hate the music, all that matters is that attending one of these festivals is an insanely good time.

I realize Molly is not a person but if someone you know unfortunately goes missing, post their face on the back of a hot girl’s shorts and I bet you they will turn up quick.
Seems as if all you need is a bright set of furry boots, a bra and panties, and a lot of bright colored objects to accessorize with. Well, while I cannot say that I am a huge fan of the music, I can say that I am a huge fan of the girls who listen to it…. I wore a Danny Tanner shirt that said Thug Life and people took pictures with my shirt like Bob Saget was actually there with them. Pop those in a pan and bring to a simmer for as long as you can resit drinking it and you have your self a crackin night, then all you need is the rave, and that is the music, the truest expression of carnal forces acting on beats and rhythm within the soul, resonating within us, mixing with the drugs, letting everything ells drop away so all you have left is a good time, cos that’s what its all about, the music and the good time.
There’s nothing individualistic about a girl walking around with pasties, a thong, and fuzzy boots. Toronto’s defense has failed to score a power play goal all season and, in the minds of many, are far too soft. After Kessel, Mason Raymond comes in at 17 points, with James van Riemsdyk and Nazem Kadri rounding out the top four with 16 points apiece. They also play the Buffalo Sabres and the Dallas Stars, but there are no slam dunks in the NHL. This article was to showcase hot girls and the little clothing that they love to wear at a show. The way the internet works, you have something popular, people(as in guys online) come visit, every visitor is $$ more views more money.
Overall, the Maple Leafs rank 15th in goals scored per game— a far cry from when they were consistently ranked in the top five at the beginning of the season. No portion of this site may be reproduced or duplicated without the express permission of Laverty Designs, Inc. The text is there because it has to be and it is not there to educate as most of the male audience won’t even read it. By the end of it I had tons of phone numbers, emails, inspiring messages, and an amazing unique outfit that was covered in dust and EDC messages that bring back memories of how much fun it was.
Toronto tends to score in bunches, but they do so far too infrequently, which doesn’t cut it in today’s NHL. If I am considered shallow for showcasing beautiful girls on our website, that is just an occupational hazard but it’s also what the audience wants and I always deliver! This article would have gotten just as many, if not more hits if it would have educated the reader on rave culture because people in the rave scene would have sent it to their rave family. I hope you go to more festivals (and not in Pittsburgh) Pat because it’s about feeling the love around you, making friends and memories.
If dressing like this expresses your individuality then please I encourage you ladies to express your individuality each and everyday in your personal life. The best day of my life was day two of EDC last year because of the people I went with and the friends I made. We know why you’re going to the festivals because your reason is shallow enough to explain in one word, but why are all those girls youre drooling over attending? But I can rewrite this blog for you right now a lot shorter and still cover all your points: I like mostly naked girls.

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