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Eyewitnesses have disputed the police account of Notre Dame cornerback Devin Butler’s arrest.
The NFL community has been excitedly waiting for the draft season when new and promising young stars will enter the league.
Among the names constantly under scrutiny is Carson Wentz, who may or may not be the top pick this season.
The Dallas Cowboys suffered a heartbreaking loss following the exit of Tony Romo mid-season. Apart from their athleticism and leadership in the football field, the two have basically the same background and build.
The quarterback and NFL hopeful has been focused on his plays, saying that his skills in the gridiron and auditions would compensate for his lack of experience.

Especially a guy like Flacco coming in really right away as a rookie and winning some ballgames I think shows that that adjustment can be made by special players, for sure," shared Wentz. Tonight could be a bit awkward for the Cowboys quarterback – his ex, Jessica Simpson, will be at the dinner. Amid the fanfare, two NFL teams are pitted against each other as both reportedly want the North Dakota star in their roster - the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles. Despite the attempts of Greg Hardy and Dez Bryant to turn things around for the Jerry Jones team, the loss of their leader seemed too great for them. Or is he a better fit in the former DeMarco Murray team where he might have a shot at displacing Bradford in the starter post?
Moreover, both Wentz and Flacco started out in a team that has minimal chances of becoming Super Bowl contenders.

As for the Philadelphia Eagles, they are currently stuck with Sam Bradford, whom they kept via the franchise tag.
According to Wentz, Flacco and Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo were influential figures in his football career. His backup, Mark Sanchez, has moved on to the Denver Broncos and is on the verge of fulfilling his dream of becoming a starter in a Super Bowl winning team.

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