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From April of 2003 to April of 2012, the New England Patriots spent seven draft picks on wide receiver prospects.
New England needed a sizeable young wideout who could stretch the field, and it was clear that the 6’3”, 200-pound Dobson fit the billing. When the Patriots took a chance on the high-upside “X” receiver, the organization did so with the understanding that the learning curve could be a steep one. Dobson’s short-area quickness is not in the same tier as undrafted rookie Kenbrell Thompkins or fourth-round rookie Josh Boyce. While Thompkins and Boyce can swiftly shift gears and maintain speed through their patterns, Dobson has to cut down his steps in preparation for cuts. That was the case during New England’s preseason opener versus the Philadelphia Eagles on Aug. Set up as the “X” on near the left sideline in New England’s “11” versus Tampa’s 4-2 sub-package defense, Dobson was orchestrated to run a deep corner route. With the Buccaneers in zone, this afforded some cushion near the sidelines of the second level.
As Dobson merged inside the numbers and dipped his outside shoulder, right cornerback Rashaan Melvin dropped back towards the boundary, while nickelback Michael Adams dropped back further in the seam.
Albeit a small sample size, Dobson led NFL wideouts this preseason in regards to PFF’s snaps-in-route statistic with 116 yards, signifying more than yards per reception. As the ball was snapped, Dobson got help from Edelman, who created a pick by heading to the right sideline. Quarterback Tom Brady rifled a pass into Dobson’s grasp, but a last-gasp punch from Houston popped it out.
The Patriots came out in “11” personnel with Dobson on-line out left versus by 5’9”, 185-pound Giants cornerback Trumaine McBride. As Mallett took the snap, Dobson fended off the physical press of McBride and cut towards the hashes. Seems to me that the main thing holding Dobson back at the moment (aside from his hammy injury) is a lack of self-confidence. I think, though, that the types of plays that Josh and Brady may typically run with Dobson, at least this season, weren’t exposed much during the pre-season. We will custom imprint these Stormtech Cayman Short Sleeve Mock Neck Tee Shirts with your logo, text, or custom artwork! For fastest service just give us a call toll-free at 1-800-958-4332.Our friendly, knowledgeable staff are ready to assist you with the entire order process! Blue Ridge Graphics is now offering Custom Contrast Pockets so that you can choose the shirt and pocket colors to fulfill your wildest dreams!
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But over that nine-year span, only one of those selections – Pro Bowl special teamer and team captain Matthew Slater – ended up enjoying an extended stay in Foxborough, Mass.
Dobson was praised for his spectacular catches and ability to work the sidelines for first downs. There were questions about the level of competition Dobson faced in the Conference USA, as well as his production.
And due to this, it’s harder for New England’s can’t-miss receiver to make opposing defensive backs miss. Across from him, 5’10”, 190-pound Eagles cornerback Shaun Prater started an early backpedal. Nonetheless, with Prater still running without hesitation, the second-rounder was unable to sell the jitter when his man was playing off. Yet as it sailed in underthrown, the size advantage over the cornerback could not be realized.
He excels when he can free himself off press coverage with hand usage rather than being forced to surpass off coverage. According to Pro Football Focus, seven of the preseason passes intended for Dobson were on routes of 20 yards or more – tying him for second-most among the league’s wide receivers. And with slot receiver Julian Edelman approaching the flats, the assignments of the secondary were put to the test. Dobson uses those measurables to bat through the press and extend for the ball – just not on an every-down basis.
The deception caught Detroit’s defensive backfield in a little logjam, paving an opening for Dobson over the middle after a slight shove off of Houston. His long limbs and flexibility allow him to come down with circus catches all over the field. With one of New York’s linebackers cheating up, and the secondary in the nickel package, center field was open for Dobson to run a five-yard in route. Although as he watched Mallett unleash the ball his way, Dobson straightened out his body and decelerated in order to focus on making the catch.

With the corner’s right arm tucked under the right arm of Dobson, the pass-catcher found himself in a compromised position. And with his back taking the brunt of McBride’s collision, Dobson’s arms naturally swung up into the air. Because of that, he let off in other areas of his route and was unable to free long enough for the pass to be absorbed before the contact. His ability to do so steadily – from a focus and defensive standpoint – is a work in progress. But the Patriots have invested in him, and he’ll get an opportunity to prove his worth, even if there are growing pains along the way. By conrast, Thompkins can make unreal stutter-steps to juke out the receiver at the line of scrimmage. Having Mallett and Tebow throwing him the ball wasn’t a fair observation of what this kid can give you. Once the real action starts (Sunday) Dobson will grow into a valuable NFL receiver, not Moss in his prime but still a good one. He was praised for his basketball background, his smarts, his athleticism and 4.42 40-yard dash speed. As the Patriots were looking to move the sticks in the fourth quarter, the offense showed “11” personnel with one halfback, one tight end and then-Patriots third-string quarterback Tim Tebow in shotgun.
But while Dobson has all the skills needed to haul in the tough passes, he needs to improve on boxing out to make the easier ones. Per Pro Football Focus, New England’s quarterbacks netted a 19.6 QB rating and three interceptions when throwing to Dobson this preseason.
No NFL receiver logged more snaps this preseason than Dobson, and it’s because he needed those snaps to grow. Tom Brady will find him a lot more than we think, he was the first rookie reciever in camp that he starting building chemistry with. Combed 100% cotton interlock, lightweight relaxed fit, solid body, and bottom hem side slit for optimum mobility.
In addition, he saw a drop in end-zone production, scoring just three touchdowns as a senior after notching 12 as a junior. If you can’t make clean cuts as a receiver in the NFL, your prospects are really limited.
Hopefully, the Pats can find a way to take advantage of Dobson’s size, soft hands and amazing catch radius.

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