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Personality: Overly cheerful, does enjoy a good joke, very strong character and can be serious on the turn of a dime. History: Grew up in (I cannot remember the name of the place Eragon trained but yeah that is the place) she watched Eragon grow the be a rider and really wished she could be one to and her dream came true when she stumbled across a dragon egg while hunting.
History: Ismira is the daughter of Roran Stronghammer and his wife Katrina, and the niece of Eragon. Appearance(No multi headed dragons or dragons with 4+ wings): Sleek copper color, amber eyes, reddish wing tips and a row of spikes around his head that bristle or droop according to his mood.
Appearance(no funky swords, medieval swords only): Copper blade, with a silver hilt that has a blue leather band around the handle.
Appearance(no funky swords, medieval swords only): Purple blade that moves from an extremely dark purple on the edges to a silver inside. Personality: sneaky, clever, cruel, cold, sometimes sarcastic, fiercely loyal and protective. History:she was an assassin, until she came across a purple egg with blue and silver stripes. Appearance(No multi headed dragons or dragons with 4+ wings): She has well built black wings that allow her to fly through the air easily.

Personality: Brave, loyal, energetic, She loves Riku and will do anything to give her protection when someone is fighting her master. Maddie Ziegler – Wikipedia, a enciclopedia livreMaddie ziegler – wikipedia, a enciclopedia livre - Primeiros anos.
Maddie Ziegler — WikipediaMaddie ziegler — wikipedia - Maddie ziegler a l'ouverture de l'aldc la (2nd studio d'abby lee miller, l'autre etant situe a pittsburgh) a santa monica, californie , mai 2015 donnees cles. She didn't grow up in or near Ellesmera, but was a regular visitor to the place with her parents and was good friends with Queen Arya.
It is a straight blade with a hand and a half hilt to allow for one and two handed fighting, but is not quite as long. The sword seems very heavy to others but to her it is as light as a feather since it is formatted just for her.
It was on one of these visits that she came near a copper dragon egg which hatched for her when she was fourteen. Despite this, he is a good friend to talk to, not only to his Rider but to other riders and dragons as well.
They both became Dragon Riders, but both them and their dragons went missing during a battle when she was three, no one knows what happened to them.

It has a large purple sapphire on the pommel and two smaller black opals (mostly purple) just below the blade on either side.
She was always the first to hold an egg, praying that she would be the one the dragon hatchling would chose. Aeluntarî has extraordinary magic casting capability, but can rarely control her magic. Upon reaching the age of 17 she was sent to the Islands with her dragon Umbriel to continue higher learning from her uncle Eragon, whom she had never met, but looks forward to doing so.
History: Daughter of a potter in a large village, and found her dragon egg when she was about 15.

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