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The feisty independent candidate though is the best hope that a dose of reality will be injected in both Democratic and Republican campaigns that mostly have been about stagecraft, cash and cheap political attacks. In contrast to Clinton's high-profile announcement and inch-by-inch orchestrated roll-out in Iowa, Sanders took on hoard of journalists and curious onlookers outside the Capitol yesterday to explain why he's up to the challenge. Sanders, a self-described Democratic socialist, doesn't have a fraction of the campaign infrastructure of the Clinton Machine and her $1B to $2B war chest. Sanders, whom the New York Times, referred to as a "grumpy grandfather-type," revels in his reputation for being gruff, bold and honest.

He's already knocked the fund-raising practices of the Clinton Foundation, and will challenge Hillary on healthcare (single-payer Medicare system for everyone), economy, Wall Street reform, income inequality, foreign policy and environment.
Sanders will force Clinton to flesh out her positions, which will ultimately make her a stronger candidate. Joe Honick, GMA International Ltd (May 6, 2015):Bernie Sanders is both a necessity in American politics and a major league question mark. The 73-year-old politico doesn't plan a formal kick-off of the campaign until May 26 in Burlington, where he once served as Mayor.

In contrast to his moneybags opponent, Bernie doesn't plan to set up a "super PAC" to suck in donations.
Step 1:Take a ruler, measure your foot length, from heel to big toe (Never measure the length of the shoes you re wearing).

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