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The following are trademarks or service marks of Major League Baseball entities and may be used only with permission of Major League Baseball Properties, Inc. Click on any of the images below for a much closer look at the new uniforms, patches, and number sublimation patternAL EASTClick for much larger imageBaltimore adds a new all-black cap to their usual orange alternate jersey, Boston does the same with their red alternate now with a new red and blue cap.
A patch celebrating their title is on the sleeve of their standard regular season road alternate blue jersey. Minnesota, like Detroit, has a home and road set, we’re not sure which is which, the above look is an all red uniform with a red front-panel on the cap. The Twins are set to unveil a new red alternate jersey this weekend, it’s possible this could be it.

They just unveiled it, this is it!AL WESTClick for much larger imageNo surprise with Houston, we had already heard they would be wearing their new regular season blue alternate uniforms in the Spring, the cap is new and features their BP cap logo, the H-star in a circle. The Angels go with their usual red alternate uniform, name-less, with a red and blue cap (note that the Angels are the only team wearing the Spring Training patch on the left sleeve).Oakland, like the rest of the AL West in their usual alternate jersey, the cap has their alternate white elephant logo up front. Seattle goes with their teal alternates, cap features the compass rose logo with a teal bill. The Phillies have a nice new red jersey, looks like a legitimate red alternate jersey… and spoiler alert, it totally is!
Cincinnati regular red alternates with last year’s BP cap.Milwaukee will go with their brand new alternate uniforms, and hey, first look at this set with name and numbers!

Louis joins the Phillies in wearing what looks like a red alternate jersey which does not exist as a regular season option… hopefully they, like the Phils, wear this a few times in 2016. Giants also with their usual BP cap, but with a new jersey, a black version of their road grey alternates.
I like it.ROAD UNIFORMS AND ALTERNATE CAPSClick for much larger imageFive teams will be wearing either a separate road set or have two cap options.

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