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TBL Logo Wallpaper Steven Stamkos Wallpaper Be the Thunder TBL 2011-12 Schedule Steven Stamkos Wallpaper Martin St. Encased in plaster, the 4-foot-long, 2,500-pound remains of a Tyrannosaurus rex skull are moved by fork lift to a wheeled cart behind the loading dock of the Burke Museumin Seattle on Thursday.
SEATTLE a€” Paleontologists with Seattle's Burke Museum have unearthed the bones of a Tyrannosaurus rex that lived more than 66 million years ago, including a rare nearly complete 4-foot long skull. The remarkable discovery includes the dinosaur's vertebrae, ribs, hips and lower jaw bones, and represents about 20 percent of the meat-eating predator. Several dozen scientists, volunteers, students and others worked over the summer to excavate the bones in the Hell Creek Formation in Montana, a site well known for fossil finds. The team later encased the massive skull in a protective plaster cast, lifted the 2,500-pound load onto a flatbed truck with the help of local Montana ranchers and drove it to Seattle.

The plaster-covered skull will be on display to the public for several weeks starting Saturday. The two were with a team collecting fossils as part of the Hell Creek Project, currently led by Wilson and started by Jack Horner, who discovered the world's first dinosaur embryos, and Nathan Myhrvold, former Microsoft chief technology officer who is a Burke Museum research associate. The team knew the fossils belonged to a meat-eating dinosaur because of the large size and appearance of the bones, but they weren't sure whether it was a T. Over the course of a month, Burke paleontologists and others used tools such as jackhammers, axes and shovels to dig up the bones.
Copyright: For copyright information, please check with the distributor of this item, Associated Press. Over the next year, paleontologists will painstakingly work on removing the rock around the skull.

They first removed about 20 tons of rock and then dug further to uncover pelvic bones and other parts. HD Wallpaper and background images in the Tampa Bay Lightning club tagged: tampa bay lightning wallpaper bolts 2011-12 steven stamkos. They didn't have the chance to excavate further until this summer when they returned to the site.

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