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No one lives the NFL draft long enough without a few flops to go with the picks that cause confetti to fall from the sky.
The Bucs could have had DeSean Jackson but instead settled for Dexter Jackson, who made little impact in his one season with them. Moritz was thought to bolster offensive line depth, but he never played more than six games for the Bucs his rookie season. Some in Tampa Bay's front office thought highly of Moritz coming out of college, but he never started a game for the Bucs.
Benn was supposed to become a consistent producer at wide receiver, but it never turned out that way. Vincent Jackson's decision to sign with the Bucs before the 2012 season bolstered their receiving corps. The story of how Reese ended up with the Bucs almost is more amazing than anything that followed.
Adams was supposed to make life miserable for quarterbacks but instead frustrated the Bucs with his lack of production. Thought to stabilize the Bucs' linebacker corps, McCants was short-lived in that position with Tampa Bay.
McCants struggled to become the physical wrecking ball most thought he would be after a noteworthy college career. Testaverde went on to have a long, notable career at a number of stops: Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens, New York Jets, Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots and Carolina Panthers.
Testaverde finished with 77 touchdown passes and 112 interceptions in playing parts of six seasons with the Bucs.
New Miami Heat acquisition Luol Deng spent the first day of training camp Saturday adjusting to playing with his teammates and getting back to NBA shape. FOX SPORTS FLORIDA: What was in Riley's pitch that made you ultimately decide to sign with the Heat?
FSF: What have you been your first impressions with the Heat organization in your short time here so far? DENG: I would never try to replace anybody, whether somebody is better than me or if I'm better than somebody. FSF: Have there already been discussions with coach Erik Spoelstra on what kind of a role you'll play and do you anticipate any adjustments from what you're accustomed to?
FSF: After the controversy with the Hawks, how nice is to get back on the floor and really put that behind you?
FSF: A lot of analysts and fans are underestimating the Heat's chances in the wide-open East, what kind of potential do you think this team has?
DENG: I mean, that's okay, I think that once you start listening to the outsiders you've already failed either way, whether they praise you or they don't. On one side, there are the right decisions -- franchise-changing talents who lift average teams to good and good ones to great. The past two years, with Sapp and Brooks elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, have been reason to remember the good. They traded down with the Jacksonville Jaguars in the second round, only to see the Philadelphia Eagles swoop in and snatch DeSean.

He struggled on special teams and, with little value as an offensive player, his Tampa Bay career was brief. He had a career-best 30 catches in 441 yards with three touchdowns in 2011, his second year in the league.
First, Tampa Bay's war room messed up the pick because of a bad phone connection, so guard Sean Farrell was taken 17th overall instead of Reese.
His football instinct that made him successful at Bethune-Cookman didn't translate to the NFL's nuances. He gave the Bucs four productive years -- including a 2012 season in which he threw for franchise records in passing yards (4,065) and touchdowns (27) -- but a swift divorce in the 2013 campaign with then-coach Greg Schiano marred his memory with Tampa Bay.
Freeman was drafted as former coach Raheem Morris' choice at quarterback, but it became clear that Schiano wanted to explore other options behind center when he selected Mike Glennon in the third round of the 2013 draft. He looked uncomfortable and out of sorts, like someone who became a different player in the leap from college to the NFL.
He totaled six sacks as a rookie, but he only combined for 7.5 the rest of his career, which ended after a short stint with the Chicago Bears in 2009. He only started four games as a rookie with two sacks, before he was converted to a defensive end for the 1991 and 1992 seasons.
With the Atlanta Hawks controversy firmly behind him, Deng is solely focused on acclimating himself to the Heat culture in his role as their new starting small forward.
I think when he showed up, I had the ultimate respect for someone in his caliber whose name is always going to be affiliated with this game. There's nothing more fun then being with a group of guys that have the experience and are excited to go and battle. My role will define itself as the season goes on and my job is to try to fit my role as best as I can. I think that it just came back to the surface yesterday (in Media Day) because it's the first time I'm seeing everybody but honestly I think that after I made my statement it was over with. Then there are the regrets, names called that coaches and general managers would prefer to erase from history and do over again. On the other, there are the mistakes -- the players who, for a host of reasons, don't perform to their potential and fizzle before fading from most everyone's mind. DeSean went on to earn three Pro Bowl appearances, and he was named an All-Pro after the 2009 season. But he only appeared in eight games the following season, when he had four catches for 26 yards in eight games.
He was traded to the Eagles last March with a seventh-round pick in the 2013 NFL draft for a sixth-round choice in the 2013 draft and a conditional pick in 2014. The Bucs, in a panic move, ended up trading their first-round pick in 1983 to the Chicago Bears for the fourth pick in the second round to select Reese. Freeman was benched before Week 4 after reports of a missed team photo and his tardiness for meetings, the team bus and a team meal. He was thought to have NFL-ready skills upon being the first offensive player taken in the 1991 draft, but that prediction proved wrong.
He played in 71 games for the Bucs from 1991 to 1995 (38 starts) before he joined the Oakland Raiders before the 1996 season.

He had the appearance of someone formidable -- 6-foot-5, 258 pounds -- but the physical tools didn't translate to the field. He went on to spend time with the Houston Oilers and Arizona Cardinals before his NFL career fizzled out after the 1995 campaign. From 1988 to 1992, all years in which he made at least 12 starts, Tampa Bay never won more than six games each season. Credit him for showing the longevity to survive in an ever-changing landscape, as shown by his ability to stay in the league until 2007. With the Atlanta Hawks controversy behind him, Deng is solely focused on acclimating himself to the Heat culture in his role as their new starting small forward. But the things that he said to me made me really -- I believe in myself but hearing it from him -- he had the ultimate respect and it got me excited. I really think it's always fun as you watch the guys around you prepare and get ready for it. I've been in the league -- this is my eleventh season -- and it really excites me everything that's being done here. I think it's really about how hard you work, believing in yourself, setting goals here as a team, and keep getting better every day while holding each other accountable. The Bucs' trade with the Bears, in which Tampa Bay received a 2010 draft pick, was made five games into the 2009 season. This pick is made more painful when the man selected after him is considered: linebacker Junior Seau, to the San Diego Chargers, as the fifth overall pick. The word ''bust'' might be too harsh given his career's length, but he never became the symbol of a Bucs turnaround some thought he would be. He waited to enter the NFL until the 1987 draft, where he was selected 183rd overall by the Los Angeles Raiders. Just the fact that I've been in the league eleven years and I still see myself improving, that's excites me. If I'm called on to score or whatever it is the team needed, I will do my best to try to provide that. He was traded to the Los Angeles Rams during the 1984 campaign for a 12th-round pick in the 1985 draft, and he was out of the NFL after the 1985 season.
Now, he's projected as a backup for Eli Manning with the New York Giants -- a far cry from the Bucs' franchise face he had the potential to be. He became a two-sport start in the NFL and Major League Baseball after overcoming the Bucs' brazen incompetence. But later, Jackson learned he had been ruled ineligible for the rest of his baseball career at Auburn because of the trip.
Whatever it is or whatever it came from, let's just make sure it doesn't happen again to someone else and make sure we just improve as human beings and how we view other people.

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