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The Tampa Bay Rays jerseys have hardly any history at all because Rays are such a new team. Offered is a Tampa Bay Devil Rays home jersey dating to Hall of Fame third baseman Wade Boggs final Major League season in 1999. Russell Athletic MLB Authentic Collection size 48 tag sewn to the tail while "Devil Rays", number 12, a "Boggs" nameplate and a team logo patch are all sewn to the white knit jersey. MEARS Auctions will work with you to determine authenticity, current value, and the marketing strategy which will help you maximize the value of your item.
The Rays’ team colors were originally black, green, and blue, but with the name change they were updated to navy, columbia blue, white, and gold.

The Tampa Bay Rays jersey for home games is plain white with blue piping and the Rays logo on the chest. The Rays also have two alternate away jerseys: a navy shirt with white pants and a light blue shirt with white pants. As a young team, the Tampa Bay Rays do not have a rich history like some Major League Baseball teams which have been playing since the 1800s.
Ten years after their founding, the Tampa Bay Rays won the American League, East Division championship and the American League pennant. A team built on young talent including Carl Crawford, Evan Longoria, and Troy Percival carried the 2008 season through to the World Series, losing to the Philadelphia Phillies in five games.

In 2010, the Tampa Bay Rays won the division championship again, losing the pennant to the Texas Rangers.
Hall of Famer Wade Boggs played third base for the Rays from 1998-1999; his jersey number 12 has been retired.
Based on the Saturday Night Live sketch, fans bang on cowbells when an opposing player has two strikes.

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