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In collaboration with the Bucs and the NFL, Nike designers looked to the Tampa Bay area itself for sartorial inspiration, creating a new set that takes design cues from the city’s roots and local culture, while simultaneously acting as a tribute to the fanatic fan base.
Those numbers, along with the letters, represent a custom typeface for the Bucs, one that employs beveled edges informed by buccaneer blade carvings.
A new helmet will top off Buccaneers uniforms in 2014 as well, utilizing a reimagined logotype and a meaner, more menacing Jolly Roger image. MIssionTo provide the most up to date news, images, and opinions on today's top sneaker company. Photos from the Bucs' Nike Color Rush Uniforms photo shoot featuring QB Jameis Winston and WR Mike Evans. Buccaneer Cheerleaders Roster Posted By Jackson, Florida Correspondent Check out 2016 Buccaneer Cheerleaders here.

Buccaneer Draft Party By Jackson, Florida Correspondent Crazy night last evening at Ray Jay Stadium as the Buccaneer faithful welcomed the selection of Tampa Bay native Vernon Hargreaves to the team. In fact, only the Seahawks saw a truly radical change, donning a new style that’s helped establish theirs as one of the more acclaimed looks in the league. Ever the sartorial trailblazers, the Bucs also become the first team in the NFL to incorporate reflective elements, sporting a special chrome border on the numbers. Tailgate prices start at just $35 for Season Pass Members, $55 for Bucs Squad Members (includes game ticket) and $75 for parents and guardians of Bucs Squad Members (includes game ticket). Today, another team unveils a head-to-toe reimagining; behold, the new Buccaneers uniforms. There will be music, food, giveaways and awesome activities to make the first game of the season unforgettable!

The orange shoulder and pants stripes has been replaced by pewter stripes, and the numbers are pewter with a white outline.In my opinion, the jerseys are actually a pretty solid upgrade over what they currently wear.
If they were to add a small bit of orange on the shoulder stripe and invert the number colors from pewter-with-white outlines to white-with-pewter outlines, then this would be a gigantic upgrade over their current jerseys. Then again, it’s the Color Rush so expecting anything other than monochrome is a mistake.

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