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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers did not have the outing they wanted last week, and it showed in a big way in the result of the football game.
After 135 of you voted, the Buccaneers’ offense graded out as a D-, as 47% of the voters gave the unit a D, and 37% gave them an F. The defense receives a C from the fans after giving Derek Anderson too much time to throw the football, and not being able to contain Greg Olsen and rookie wideout Kelvin Benjamin. Much like last week, the Buccaneers are facing a backup quarterback whom the team should dominate. The most drastic redo is the new pirate ship that is more detailed, more dynamic and primarily red. The only major redesign in the team’s history was seventeen years ago, when they replaced their infamous “creamsicle” uniforms. The uniforms, colors and logos that the Buccaneers wear now have the more positive association of a team that were playoff contenders for many years, had the most dynamic defense in the league and even won a Super Bowl.
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers didn’t enjoy much success in Lovie Smith’s first season with the team in 2014, but there is hope that a winning foundation was still put in place. There’s no guarantee the Bucs start piling on the wins right away in just Smith’s second season, but given his quick rise when he took over the Chicago Bears, it’s not crazy to think about. When the Cowboys come to town, prices for Buccaneers tickets on the secondary market will go up. Dallas isn’t the only playoff team Tampa Bay will have to try to get past in 2015, but they’re still just one of three.
An in-state game will bring the least expensive prices at Raymond James Stadium this season, a Week 5 game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. While Tampa Bay could be set up for success early on, they’ll still need to buckle down and execute down the stretch to make a realistic playoff push.

The offense was sloppy, and the defense had a hard time stopping Carolina’s backup quarterback Derek Anderson.
None of that comes as a surprise to anyone, as the Buccaneers were truly horrendous on offense in Week One. The unit also failed to generate a turnover, which Lovie Smith’s defense will live and die by this year.
That didn’t work out last week, and with Tampa Bay missing Michael Johnson and Adrian Clayborn, someone will have to step up for this defense and generate pressure. The change to their flag logo is a computer rendered update that adds a little depth and a more intimidating looking skull, coupled with a new font.
The ship adorned the most recent jerseys and will presumably be featured on new jerseys, which are to be revealed on March 5th. Those uniforms are now commonly associated with a time in the Buccaneers’ history when they were the worst in the league.
For the Buccaneers to make major strides going forward, they’ll need to put something else in place – a franchise quarterback. Tampa Bay will need to win some big games before anyone takes them seriously, though, and few will be bigger than a Week 10 clash with the Dallas Cowboys.
The Week 10 meeting between the two teams will be the most expensive game in Tampa this season. At least on paper, that offers up the possibility that the Bucs could take advantage of a reasonably easy schedule.
They’ll have to have a better outing against the Rams, who have one of the best defensive lines in football, but are without starting DE Chris Long for this game.
C was the overwhelming favorite response, with 43 fans giving them a D,  25 praising them with a B,  16 disgruntled fans who handed them an F, and 7 very easy to please fans saying the team deserved an A.

The Buccaneers are in a time of change, they have a new head coach and staff as well as a new general manager. With the team almost surely taking either Marcus Mariota or Jameis Winston with the first pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, Tampa Bay fans should be able to get excited about the future; one they hope starts quickly and successfully this season.
That doesn’t make it a total cakewalk, however, as the Bucs get two tough road games in the first three weeks (at New Orleans and Houston) and two more in a row immediately following their bye (at Washington and Atlanta). Regardless, the odds could be in their favor if they position themselves correctly as the season winds down, as they get three of their final five games at Raymond James Stadium. Josh McCown and company will be out to prove that last week was a fluke, and Bucs fans will be waiting to see them have success with baited breath. They went 0-26 in the regular season, a record-setting losing streak no other team has even nearly approached since. This new look is probably an attempt at an outward expression of the positive changes they are hoping for in the team. While playing on the road in four of their first seven games won’t be easy, it’s at least nice to know just one of those opponents made the playoffs a year ago, and none of them had a winning record.
None are more important that two huge divisional clashes, though, as they take on Drew Brees and the Saints in Week 14 and cap the season with a potentially massive showdown in Carolina with the Panthers. Tampa Bay hasn’t had a whole lot of success against the Cowboys, though, as they’ve beaten Dallas just three times in team history and saw the ‘Boys win the most recent meeting in 2012, 16-10.

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