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Two flags on the Saints helped the Rams get down inside the 15 yard line, while Zac Stacey displayed his running and leaping ability to the fans’ delight.
After a Rams timeout, Clemons put one up to Lance Kendricks for another touchdown, to stretch their lead to 14-0 to cap off a 93 yard drive. After another Saints punt, the Rams easily pushed their way down the field with the running game and on the spot passes. Brees is the best quarterback in the league when it comes to the 2-minute drill, but today the Rams were better. When the Saints came up short of 3rd down, they went for it on 4th and 1 and converted on a Thomas run.
Ingram ended the quarter by ducking his way down to the 35 yard line for another first down. On 3rd and 2, Brees handed it off to Thomas, who pushed the pile and got the 1st down at the 1.
That energy carried the Saints to another touchdown to Colston, bringing the score to 27-16. Realty Bancorp Equities, an agency that develops largely office, industrial and retail buildings in Southern California, is the landlord. All rights reserved © 2016 The Real Deal is a registered Trademark of Korangy Publishing Inc.

The Rams surprised the Saints with an onside kick which they recovered at the Saints’ 47 yard line. At the start of the 2nd quarter, the Rams kicked a 31 yard field goal to add to their score 17-0.
After the 2-minute warning, Hartley attempted another field goal from 26 yards out, missing wide left. They are 4-0 in the division, and will go up against the Panthers in Charlotte before finishing up the season at home with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In the Saints first possession, Drew Brees did something he has only done 8 other times all season. After 156 trips inside the 20 yard line without an interception, Brees was picked off at the goal line by Tremain Johnson. Clemons pass was high but Austin Pettis went up for it to bring up 1st and goal at the 9-yard line. The Saints managed to get back down the field but the rams D-line returned the favor and held them to a 45 yard field goal, bringing the score to 17-3.
Coach Sean Payton challenged the call, and on replay, it seemed Colston had control of the ball as he dragged one foot.
That was all they had left, apparently, as the Rams held strong for the rest of the game, maintaining the score through the last 1:51 of the game.

Louis, real estate firms have scrambled to be part of their potential impact on the market. The Rams are out of the playoff picture, so they are playing for the competitive pleasure of creating bumps in the road for a playoff berth seeking team, namely the Saints. Robert Quinn, with assistance from Chris Long, stripped Brees as he was stepping into the pocket and the Rams took the ball. The officials agreed with him on review and the Saints had the 1st down at the 43 yard line. The Rams blocked a 2-point attempt but the Saints appeared energized with the score of 27-9. The Rams, however, came into this game and decided to play like a team with everything on the line.
From the 32 yard line, Clemons threw a pass to tight end Cory Harkey that he powered into the end zone to get the first score of the game.

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