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I can’t begin to imagine what it must be like holding a ticket for either one of these teams, especially tickets that were punched when it seemed like both teams weren’t even locks to make it to the playoffs.
Right now, the odds for both teams have dropped, largely because they’re the last two teams in the hunt for the title, but more so because oddsmakers appear to be split on who the better team is.
Whatever their recipes are that have gotten them these far, it’s clear that these two teams may not be the best two in baseball, but they’re certainly the two hottest at the right time.
So here we are; two teams riding their own hot streaks, set to collide in what’s shaping up to be a real Fall Classic.
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If there ever was a sport where holding off on a futures bet until the midway point of the season is the smart move, it’s baseball. Even the best teams in baseball lose a lot games, so sniffing out those live underdogs are a good source of profit in baseball handicapping. When it comes to pitchers taking the mound twice in a week, things could go either really good or really bad.
It might have taken a little longer than previously expected, but Dylan Bundy is finally making an impact. Arizona Cardinals 2016-17 schedule provides the date, game time, national TV channel and printable schedule for the NFL regular football season. Disclaimer: This site is not in any way affiliated with, endorsed or licensed by the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAA, FIFA, and NASCAR. If you had taken a poll before the wild card round on which two teams would play in the World Series, the Kansas City Royals and the San Francisco Giants wouldn’t be on the shortlist. Just ask the Angels and the Orioles, the two teams with the best records in the big leagues, only to be swept out of their pants by the buzz saw that is Kansas City.

They arguably have the best player on both teams in Buster Posey and they’ve got the only true lockdown ace on either pitching stuff with Madison Bumgarner.
As far as who I’m picking, I know where my allegiance lies and they’ll always be on the better story. All profit generated from this site goes to support initiatives of the Calvin Ayre Foundation. There are certainly advantages to be gained by maximizing your starts, but if you do so with the wrong pitchers it can quickly turn into a disadvantage. His ERA is a frightening 14.66, but his most recent start did come in the wonderland that is Coors Field. To be clear, by no means is Bundy a finished product but the right-hander is showing flashes of what made him a highly regarded prospect. The veteran took a no-hitter into the seventh inning, and despite his early season struggles he looks a lot better (at least from a name recognition stand point) than a lot of his peers around that might be available on free agency (he is owned in 32% of CBS leagues as of Saturday morning).
Hell, they probably wouldn’t even be in the Top 5 choices with so many more “obvious” teams like the LA Angels, the Baltimore Orioles, the St. These cardiac kids have yet to lose a game and have relied on a steady dose of big plays, manufactured runs, stout defense, and a lockdown bullpen. The Royals have the benefit of having home-field advantage, which is a huge plus considering how Kauffman Stadium has effectively been turned into an outdoor asylum by a rabid Royals fan base.
They’ve also befuddled opponents with guile and timely hitting, none more frustrating if you’re a Cardinals fan that saw St. Ring me up when the Royals bandwagon arrives because I’m all aboard the #TaketheCrown train. After allowing 10 runs in 10 innings in his two previous starts, the Rockies got to Strasburg for nine earned runs in 1.2 innings.

After pitching well in relief to start the season, the Orioles have moved him into the rotation, and though seven starts we have seen a mixed bag of results. Two starts in which he only managed five innings each are all that have kept him from seven straight quality starts. On the other hand, the Giants continue to play their own style of grind-out wins, beating the St. Louis out-homer San Francisco, 6-0, in the first four games of the series only end up on the short end of a 3-1 deficit.
Archer limited San Diego to just one run on four hits and a walk with nine strikeouts as he picked up his seventh victory.
Yet here we are, a couple of days away from Game 1 of the World Series and the last two teams still standing are the Royals and the Giants. Then in Game 5, the Giants turned the tables with their own long balls, none more important than Travis Ishikawa’s mammoth three-run blast to send the Cardinals packing back to the Midwest.
Now there is no way in which you are going to leave him on your bench, but there is some cause for concern. This week he faces the Twins and Angels, and if you are desperate for help at the back of your rotation there are worse choices to be made. So far this season the right-hander has 179 strikeouts in 145.1 innings, and that gives you nice advantage when he takes the mound twice. There is no disputing his talent, and while you are still going to have to ride some inconsistent control things are looking a lot better for him as of late.

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