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SAN FRANCISCO -- Manager Bruce Bochy said before today's game at AT&T Park that he probably would never wear two World Series rings at the same time.
The Giants wrapped up their opening-weekend festivities today by receiving their 2012 World Series rings in an on-field ceremony before playing their series finale against the St.
The ring, designed by Tiffany & Co., is white gold and depicts the Giants' SF logo in 52 round melee diamonds on the face, according to a Giants news release.
The rings arrived by cable car through the left-field fence and were carried by city cable car operators to a table on the third-base line. Starting pitcher Matt Cain and catcher Buster Posey were the first players to receive their rings so that Cain would have time to warm up before his start. Of the Giants' current roster, only four players -- Chad Gaudin, Nick Noonan, Guillermo Quiroz and Andres Torres -- were not on last year's team and therefore did not receive rings.
Matt Kawahara was born in Sacramento and attended McClatchy High School and UC Berkeley, where he wrote for the independent student paper The Daily Californian.
Coach Bruce Arians was rewarded for his moderate 2013 success with a trio of prime-time games.
Arizona's underrated defense gets a stiff test against Peyton Manning's record-breaking offense.
The Cardinals were the only team to knock off the Seahawks in CenturyLink Field last season.
Last year's season-ending loss to the Niners was rendered meaningless by factors outside of the Cardinals' control.
The game was highly spirited and played with tremendous passion in front of a few thousand grateful Americans.
God bless all of our veterans, current service members, and first responders and their families.

There are also seven round diamonds representing the franchise's seven World Series titles.
General manager Brian Sabean was the first to receive a ring, followed by manager Bruce Bochy. Other recipients included Giants Hall of Famers, clubhouse and training staff and the coaches.
First baseman Brandon Belt, who watched the ring ceremony two years ago as a rookie, wore a big smile as he received his ring. Because of the order, Barry Zito was the last player introduced, with emcee Duane Kuiper asking: "Who was bigger in the postseason than this guy?" Zito doffed his cap while the crowd chanted his name.
The schedule offers the usual assortment of peaks and valleys until the final three weeks, when the Cardinals close at the Rams, versus the Seahawks and at the 49ers. These are true type A personalities, who compete out of the honor of competition and not for monetary gain or fame.
He turned down multi-million dollar contract offers from both the Arizona Cardinals and St.
Whether they serve in the armed forces, law enforcement, or emergency services, they all make great sacrifices so that we can live in peace and freedom. One side of the ring features the recipient's name, uniform number and a cable car design, while the other denotes the Giants' 2012 postseason victories, including their four-game sweep of the Detroit Tigers in the World Series. Aubrey Huff was the lone player from the 2012 team not on the 2013 roster who showed up for the ceremony. Many of their brothers and sisters perished while trying to rescue those trapped in the World Trade Center. As we enjoy this weekend’s Super Bowl, it is imperative to remember the sacrifices the men and women who serve in our armed forces and as our communities first responders make in order to keep us all safe.

The term hero is used much too often to describe professional athletes and not often enough to recognize our nations true heroes. There will be no multi-million dollar contracts for the participants, but they played their game with every ounce of passion and love, if not more, than will the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks when they take the field for the NFL’s Super Bowl championship game this Sunday. They risk their lives every time they go to work in an attempt to make their community a safer place to live.
Bleier’s carrier was in doubt after suffering devastating wounds from bullets and grenade shrapnel while serving in Vietnam. Especially those who have sacrificed their lives, like former NFL star and Army Ranger Pat Tillman.
Some of these players have lost limbs, sometimes multiple limbs, but still they are out there competing. Bleier battled back to make a full recovery, returning to play for the Steelers and winning four Super Bowl rings. Pat Tillman lost his life from friendly fire during a firefight with Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan. Create your slideshowBy using the code above and embedding this image, you consent to Getty Images' Terms of Use. Pat Tillman was a true hero, not for his achievements on the football field, but for the fact that he gave all that up in order to serve his nation.

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