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Symbolizing the westward expansion of the United States, this 630-foot stainless steel arch is the nation's tallest man-made monument.
Take a tour at the Anheuser-Busch Brewery where you can visit the Budweiser Clydesdales and sample a variety of premium brews. Visit Saint Louis University's Religious Art Museum which is the world's first interfaith museum of contemporary art that engages religious and spiritual themes.
The Delmar Loop is six blocks of retail, restaurants, cafes and even live music which expands into the city of St.
Open daily, the Science Center offers over 700 exhibits, the OMNIMAX Theater and a Planetarium. Just a little outside the city, visit the Meramec Caverns, a complex of mineral formations with beautiful and unique colors. Located on the eastern edge of Jordan Valley Park, which includes an amphitheater, arts center and large indoor ice rink.

Although official capacity is listed at 6,750, the ballpark has 7,986 seats and room for many more fans in its general admission berm. Is jointly used by Missouri State University and the Springfield Cardinals and each has separate clubhouses in right field, which is also where a 120" x 120" indoor practice facility was built.
With the conclusion of Sunday’s games, the Buccaneers’ 2016 opponents have been officially set. With a handful of guards out for Friday's game, the Buccaneers will rely on the versatile Evan Smith and the rising Josh Allen to cover the gaps as the team's starters see extensive playing time. Louis, Mo., the Gateway City, where you can find a number of attractions to visit and take part in.
Louis Zoo is located in Forest Park and has more than 18,000 animals, many of which are rare or endangered. On the second level are 25 that are each 14' x 18' in size and have balcony seating for 12 plus a lounge that was made by combining suites 2-4.

The training facility has a full-sized artificial turf infield and room for a dozen batting cages.
Tailgate prices start at just $35 for Season Pass Members, $55 for Bucs Squad Members (includes game ticket) and $75 for parents and guardians of Bucs Squad Members (includes game ticket).
Tampa Bay is set to take on the NFC West and AFC West, in addition to their usual NFC South opponents. There will be music, food, giveaways and awesome activities to make the first game of the season unforgettable!

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