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Cardinals Legends Club tickets vary is price based on the team’s dynamic pricing system. Louis Cardinals Legends Club is part of the Cardinals premium seating areas with included buffet and beverages. Louis Cardinals Legends Club offers both indoor and outdoor reserved seats with easy access between the indoor suite and outdoor seats.
Louis Cardinals seating chart and additional details on Cardinals Premium Seating, Cardinals Party Suites, Cardinals Club, Cardinals Diamond Boxes, Cardinals Dugout Boxes, Cardinals Infield Field Boxes, Cardinals First Base Field Boxes, Cardinals Third Base Field Boxes, Cardinals Lower Right Field Boxes, Cardinals Lower Left Field Boxes, Cardinals Right Field Boxes, Cardinals Left Field Boxes, Cardinals Left Field Porch, Cardinals Home Redbird Club, Cardinals Infield Redbird Club, Cardinals First Base Loge, Cardinals Third Base Loge, Cardinals Right Field Loge, Cardinals Left Field Loge, Cardinals Infield Pavilion, Cardinals First Base Pavilion, Cardinals Right Field Pavilion, Cardinals Left Field Pavilion, Cardinals Infield Terrace, Cardinals First Base Terrace, Cardinals Right Field Terrace, and Cardinals Bleachers. On the Busch Stadium seating chart, the Cardinals Legends Club is between the 200 and 300 levels from first base to the right field corner.

Every Cardinals Legends Club suite provides an included buffet with hot dogs, BBQ beef, nachos, pasta, and snacks. Cardinals Legends Club tickets are rarely available on the secondary market and popular games can sell out far in advance. Beer and soda are also included in the price of a Cardinals Legends Club seat with alcohol service available half-an-hour before the game until the bottom of the eighth inning.
Since there are better premium seating sections in Busch Stadium available for a comparable price, fans interested in an inclusive seating area should consider multiple sections before deciding to purchase Cardinals Legends Club tickets. Cardinals Legends Club seats provide mediocre views of the game and are relatively expensive compared to other premium seating areas with better locations or more impressive food-and-beverage options.

Indoor reserved tickets in the Cardinals Legends Club are quite poor for watching the game and most baseball fans will want to avoid paying the premium ticket price for seats that offer virtually no sight lines of home plate. The main advantage of the Cardinals Legends Club is the ability to fit a mid-size group into a single Legends Club suite with easy access to all seats and the lounge.

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