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The Chiefs took advantage of one of the NFL's softest schedules in jumping out to a 9-0 start last year. Week 11, Seahawks: On the heels of a grueling stretch in the first half of the season, the Chiefs welcome the Super Bowl champs to Arrowhead Stadium.

Week 14, at Cardinals: Not just the strongest team to miss the playoffs a year ago, Arizona also was one of the most dominant on its home turf. Week 16, at Steelers: The Steelers get a chance for payback after Andy Reid's decision to sit his starters in the season finale cost Pittsburgh a playoff berth last year.
Louis Cardinals 2016 MLB basbeball schedule provides the date, game time and printable schedule for the MLB regular baseball season.

That won't be repeatable this season, with bouts versus three of the NFL's most stacked teams (at Broncos, Patriots, at 49ers) looming in the first five weeks.

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