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Yes, I would like to receive occasional email offers from our affiliated websites, partners and sponsors. The NFL gave us a pretty fantastic 2012 season, and now we get a post-Super Bowl treat in the form of these awesome graphic illustrations of some of the season's match-ups from Pixar animator Austin Madison. I want to get a vending machine, with fun sized candy bars, and the glass in front is a magnifying glass. As a child I was a constant source of academic disappointment to my parents; a perennial underachiever.
This time, racecar superstar Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) and his best friend, dilapidated tow-truck Mater (Larry the Cable Guy), travel overseas to compete in the World Grand Prix. Pixar has shockingly given us their first film that’s not “special.” While the film is still significantly better than most animated fare, it’s hard not to feel let down. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being Toy Story and 1 being Shrek The Third, Cars 2 gets a 6. 168: ’10 Cloverfield Lane’ Starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead, John Goodman, John Gallagher Jr.

And then the glitter truly gets flying during the annual Drag Idol show, hosted by the Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) of Austin Peay State University. This event is a flamboyant feast of the eyes, during which drag queens stomp their stilettos while vying for the title. Last year’s winner DixieNormus Garafalo – otherwise known as Tim Garafalo – will be guest-judging the competition, as well as performing alongside Tova Urivitch, another well-known drag queen.
Garafalo says, “I am looking forward to crowning the next winner and watching them make a difference in the community, as well. Karen Parr-Moody began a career as a New York journalist, working as a fashion reporter for Women’s Wear Daily, a beauty editor for Young Miss and a beauty and fashion writer for both In Style and People magazines.
Notice the clever representations of the team mascots in battle, such as the Boondock Saints for New Orleans and some celebrity Bills for Buffalo.
Stevie Nicks’ “On the Edge of Seventeen,” Christina Aguilera’s “Primadonna” and “Sledgehammer” by Fifth Harmony. While his foray into the art of drag began as something of a dare, he says it has led to his meeting great people and to performing at Fusion Night Club regularly.

Regionally, she has been a writer at The Leaf-Chronicle newspaper and currently writes about arts and culture for Nashville Arts magazine each month. Comments on this web page are the sole responsibility of their writers and the writer will take full responsibility, liability, and blame for any libel or litigation that results from something written in or as a direct result of something written in a comment.
And in Clarksville, these performing artists are gaining ground, as evidenced by popular shows at Fusion Night Club here. The accuracy, completeness, veracity, honesty, exactitude, factuality, and politeness of comments are not guaranteed.

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