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Bench, 66, had to obtain a $2.3 million-mortgage, but he seems to have made out like a bandit! The New York Mets enter their Wednesday night showdown against the San Francisco Giants 31-28, second place in the NL East. Assuming New York continues to have success the rest of the way, they will be entering the 2016 season as a playoff team.
Assuming everyone stays healthy (fingers crossed), New York will head into 2016 with the pitching rotation they have dreamed of for so long. Bartolo Colon has had a good season thus far, with an 8-4 record heading into the middle part of June. It’s not a bad idea, considering Colon’s expiring contract, and his value to a team who plans on contending in October. It’d be great if New York unloads Niese, as he does have some value given that he’s a lefty and relatively young at the age of 29.
It makes very little sense that Kelly wouldn’t use glasses for both situations since glasses, you know, help you see, but his reason for not wearing the glasses as a hitter might be odder than his decision not to wear them. According to TBS reporter Craig Sager, the reason Kelly does not wear his glasses to hit is because he sees too well with them. You have players going out and getting LASIK eye surgery so they can see better at the plate. As the Yankees prepared for their first game, they bumped into each other while dressing, so small were the locker rooms.
But once on the field, visiting-team hitters usually treated themselves to one of the finest banquets in baseball–the Browns’ pitching staff. For dessert, the Yankees rallied for five runs in the ninth, the big blast coming from Charlie Keller.

Albert Pujols can now add another achievement to his already impressive baseball resume, 400 career homeruns. While New York is sitting good right now, with playoffs hopes in the foreseeable future, I thought it would be interesting to think about what the Opening Day Roster for New York would be in 2016. With young players only getting better, and a star-studded pitching rotation in the making, the future looks pretty bright for the Metropolitans.
Zack Wheeler will look to bounce back after undergoing Tommy John surgery this past March, and will join Matt Harvey, Jacob deGrom, and Noah Syndergaard. As the trade deadline approaches, General Manager Sandy Alderson will have much pressure to make a move to get this team one step closer in being a legitimate contender this fall, and it certainly will need to be a bat.
This would make room for youngster and fellow southpaw Steven Matz to join the major league rotation. With the returns of Bobby Parnell and Jenrry Mejia; injury and suspension, respectively, the bullpen looks like it will remain solid.
Between their starting rotation and the backend of the bullpen with the three-headed monster that is Familia, Mejia, and Parnell, New York has a excellent bullpen situation.
When Kelly wears his glasses as a hitter, he picks up the spin on the ball, gets excited and anxious, and swings at everything. After a game, slime from the shower floors and stench from the drains made for an unsavory, if not unhealthy, getaway. Louis pitchers were either journeymen just happy to be playing, stars in their twilight years or rookies that the other 17 teams didn’t try to nurture.
The Browns had Bob Muncrief on the menu, a lanky rookie right hander who would serve as the staff’s ace through the war years. In just 10 seasons, the baseball superstar has reached this very difficult to achieve milestone.

It took him just 5,615 at-bats to hit 400 homeruns, making him one of the five fastest persons to do so. He surpassed Adres Galarraga, Graig Nettles, Dale Murphey, al Kaline, Joe Carter and Dale Murphy when his hit is 400th homerun. It will be the first time that these four phenoms pitch together on the major league rotation. Colon’s two-year deal, signed back in December of 2013 is up at the end of this year, and is making $11 million this year.
Jon Niese and Dillon Gee have also been rumored as trade bait, but given their performances thus far, I’m not sure any team is looking for their services. An 11-7 victory snapped the losing skein and filled the lineup’s statistical stomachs with hits, 15 in all.
As Pujols continues to play, the list of people he surpasses in various categories is sure to grow longer and longer. Extremely private gated estate (built by award winning Turtle Beach Construction) within gated community. Having a veteran in that rotation, especially with all the young arms surrounding him, is an extremely valuable asset, but due to his performance this year, he could be used as trade bait. In the fourth inning, facing the National’s starter, Jordan Zimmerman, in the fourth quarter and a count of 0-1, Pujols would knock it out the park right over the right-center field.

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