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We are just days away from the calendar flipping to April and that means one thing — the return of St. That’s right Cardinal Nation, your Redbirds are just days away now from kicking off the regular season in Pittsburgh this Sunday afternoon.
All of our debates, analysis and commentary here at Redbird Rants will culminate to Sunday afternoon when that starting lineup is posted. So, right off the bat you will notice two unique things about my lineup prediction — Holliday is at first base and Pham is in center field.
The case for Holliday at first base looks much more intriguing against lefties, and a lineup similar to this one could be one that Cardinals fans should get used to seeing in 2016 when a left-hander takes the mound. I really believe the Cardinals one through four of Carpenter, Piscotty, Holliday and Grichuk have a chance to do something special in 2016. As far as the Cardinals facing right-handed starters throughout the season, I can see manager Mike Matheny playing the hot hand at first base with any combination of Holliday at 1B and Moss in LF or Holliday in LF and Adams or Moss at first base. A recent development this morning shows possible cause for concern as it was noted on Twitter that Molina has been scratched from today’s lineup for reasons unknown at the time of this post.
But signs so far have pointed to Molina being a full go for Opening Day, which would be huge for the Cardinals and the pitching staff. What kind of power this team will show is the big question as we get closer to Opening Day.
I’m going to predict a 4-2 Cardinals win with Wainwright going seven strong innings and yielding just one run and Grichuk powering up for a two-run homer that winds up being the game-winner. For those of you not lucky enough to live in this beer and baseball town, Opening Day is practically a holiday in St. Saint Louis celebrates beer and baseball like no one else, and Opening Day is one of the most exciting days of the year. So in honor of this glorious day, I decided to make a list of my favorite things about Opening Day, aside from drinking. No other day of the year is it socially acceptable by the masses to feast on nachos for lunch during the work week. I’m referring to the white pants those stud-muffin Cardinals players wear when they play ball.
They’re classy and leave a bit to the imagination (and with each beer, I find more and more imagination).
Opening Day is usually after Easter, and wearing white isn’t faux paux after the egg-stravagant holiday.
Listeners can practically see the tumbler of scotchka (scotch and vodka) grasped tightly in his hand as he calls the game.
In a very real sense, what your blog discussed was being put in an uncomfortable situation and trying to figure out how to come out of it gracefully. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to see my performance from an audience members viewpoint. My blog is over-the-top and super sarcastic and it’s not meant to be taken seriously.
I’ve never been treated so poorly or in such a disrespectful way, not even in my years of litigating and getting into heated depositions and trials. I would LOVE to see you dance and would tip appropriately in the arm band (thanks to you telling me about that custom).
I honestly just love opening day, because I know spring and nicer weather is right around the corner, but that is just me.
Busch Stadium groundskeepers cover the infield with a tarp as a steady rain begins to fall on Opening Day in St.

Chicago Cubs Bryan LaHair (R) is congratulated by teammates after hitting a grand slam home run in the third inning against the St. National Baseball Hall of Fame member Ozzie Smith enters the field as he is introduced during opening day ceremonies at Busch Stadium in St. The PlayStation Vue streaming service is now available nationwide and it is quite the game-changer.
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There are a lot of questions regarding our new skipper Mike Matheny, but I heard the best analogy yesterday on the radio. I know that everyone is concerned with the departure of Albert Pujols, but the team has plenty of talent.
In the game on Monday against the Reds, Matt Holliday, David Freese and Yadier Molina all stepped up to the plate to send home runs out of the park, and the Cardinals went on to beat the Cincinnati Reds 7-1. I think this team is working just as that, as a team, and this new cohesive unit will take this team far this year. Add to that the return of Adam Wainwright, and the addition of Carlos Beltran, and I think there is an excellent chance that this team does add 12 in 2012 … but it is only April, and there is a lot of baseball left to be played!
Spring Training, after what has felt like forever, finally wraps up this week and the Cardinals will fly north to take on the Pirates in the first game of 2016. I’ve gone over opening day lineups constantly in my head over the last few weeks, and this is the one I keep going back to. Those four are likely to be cemented in those spots in the order for the majority of the season. The beauty of Moss is that versatility he brings being able to play both left field and first base. If newcomer Jedd Gyorko is showing enough pop, he could supplant Tejada for some starts there with the Cardinals trading defense for power, which I would have no problem with.
Seriously, having the dancer’s veil trail in the hummus is quite an appetite suppressant, so why not make sure that people know how to respond? There is nothing more disheartening than to go out there dance your coins off and feel as if the audience didn’t enjoy themselves.
I have been a Cubs fan for many years, I am used to the abuse Now, I know how to make friends with the St Louisians so that is a good thing. We girls definitely know what’s important in baseball, those pants being #1 on my list.
I included some Yogi quotes in one of my other blogs, and Shannon says the same kind of stuff. Louis Cardinals manager Mike Matheny stands at homeplate with Chicago Cubs manager Dale Sveum to exchange lineup cards at Busch Stadium in St. Louis Cardinals manager Mike Matheny walks back to the dugout after a lineup exchange before a game against the Chicago Cubs at Busch Stadium in St. Louis Cardinals starting pitcher Adam Wainwright delivers a pitch to the Chicago Cubs in the third inning at Busch Stadium in St.
Louis Cardinals first baseman Lance Berkman shakes the hand of Hall of Fame member Stan Musial during Opening Day ceremonies at Busch Stadium in St. Louis Cardinals players and members of the National Baseball Hall of Fame (L to R) Bruce Sutter, Bob Gibson, Red Schoendienst, Stan Musial, Whitey Herzog, Lou Brock and Ozzie Smith, gather for a photograph during Opening Day ceremonies at Busch Stadium in St. 7-Elevena cappellaalex reyesambassadors of harmonyasynchrony labsaustraliabarbershopCardinalsFreekevin lischmobile appsmonday roundupmoviesmr. Louis Pig & Swig, Art Hill Film Series, Food Truck Friday, A Night in Old Havana, Let Them Eat Art, Bring It! The service allows you to stream your favorite channels on PS3 and PS4 game consoles as well as iOS devices like Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV.

Tony La Russa taught these guys HOW to play the game of baseball, Mike Matheny is LETTING them play the game of baseball. As we have seen countless times, teams often rely on their star player, and put the entire weight of the team on his shoulders. Then on Tuesday night, both Freese and Beltran sent balls out of the park, for another victory over the Reds.
Louis Cardinals third baseman Matt Carpenter (right) is congratulated by left fielder Matt Holliday (7) for hitting a solo home run during the first inning in game two of the NLDS against the Chicago Cubs at Busch Stadium. There is a crucial reason why I believe these will be the starters come Sunday — the Cardinals are facing a left-handed starter. First base hopefuls Matt Adams and Brandon Moss aren’t viable options against lefties, especially Adams. More than that, Pham brings extra speed to a Cardinals lineup that needs it, and the 28-year old can take over in center field. I *could* have been, but in some cases, it’s a choice, and I chose to be entertained by your blog instead. I even came home from college one year in the ’80s to see one of the World Series Games (and it was an 8 hour drive).
The 2011 World Series Champion Cardinals are scheduled to play the Chicago Cubs for the home opener. Louis Blues are hoping the game will lure new fans to the sport.3v3 Live Soccer Tour Mid-America RegionalCheck out photos from over the weekend at the 3v3 Live Soccer Tour Mid-America Regional! He plead guilty to five charges of illegally hacking into a database maintained by the Houston Astros. On the most recent episode of Above the Clutter, host Pete Krainik visits Busch Stadium and talks with Dan Farrell, the Chief Marketing Officer of the St. The #12in12 hash tag is already heating up on Twitter, and even the Clydesdales are ready to go! There has been a lot of change since the Cardinals were  crowned World Champions, but I still think that we have another year of greatness ahead! Holliday has gotten plenty of time at first base this spring and, for the most part, has shown that he can handle the position well.
Louis Cardinals have red and white as their colors, as both are complimentary to my hair and skin tone.
If she allows body tipping (not everyone does) place it in the arm or wrist cuffs if available. Wainwright is making his second start of the season after sitting out the entire 2011 season with an arm injury. Festivities will start early in the day before the Cardinals take on the Milwaukee Brewers at 3: 15 pm at Busch Stadium.
I’d have cheese and salsa on my pants within 30 seconds of gaining possession of those crunchy carbs. If they looked on, they would see that the majority of the time, my posts are making fun of myself. Grichuk is an x-factor for this Cardinals team and they need him healthy and hitting bombs all season.

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