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An 8-2 loss to the Pirates in Game 1 of a doubleheader this afternoon was quickly forgotten. Jason Heyward delivered the big hit of the game, a grand slam in the Top of the 3rd inning to give the Cardinals a 6-0 lead, blowing the game wide open.
For the first time since Carlos Martinez was ruled out for the rest of the season with a shoulder injury, Tyler Lyons got the start. This was the Cardinals’ third consecutive National League Central Championship (10th NL Central title since 1995) and they will be making an NLDS appearance for the fifth straight season. The Cardinals have a new magic number: 11, as they begin the journey for their 12th World Series Championship in franchise history as the postseason starts next week. Offered is a high quality replica of the World Series ring awarded to outfielder Jim Edmonds after leading the St.
At left, the Dodgers and Cardinals faced off in 1949 (Red Schoendienst is far right); Vin Scully interviews Stan Musial in 1960. Really, though, the rivalry between the Cardinals, winners of 18 National League pennants, and the Dodgers, 22-time National League champions, peaked decades ago -- when the two best teams in the NL would meet, rather than in a seven-game series, 22 times during the regular season. Schoendienst participated in what might best be described as the first League Championship Series. Vin Scully has been calling Dodger games since 1950, but even at 85 he's still the best in the business.
Carlos Beltran proved again Friday why he is one of baseball's best when it comes to the postseason.
The same was true of Dodgers-Cardinals, Scully said, but due to reasons of success, rather than geography. So by 1946, the two teams knew each other well, had seen each other celebrate pennants and taken each other on at minor outposts across the county.
Scully didn't join the Dodgers until 1950, but the Cardinals-Dodgers playoff of 1946 was memorable to him as well.
Nor did a player need to be as historically great as Musial to earn that honor, when teams saw each other so often. Scully wasn't surprised that Schoendienst still hurts, 64 years and many subsequent successes after the fact. Schoendienst, at least, got a measure of revenge after the Cardinals traded him to the Giants in 1956. Fifty years later the Cardinals, invoking Musial, have made a fuss about the celebrating from the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Scully trailed off, but we know: the players those critical of the Dodgers supposedly hold up as beacons of a past Scully explains never existed, from a past where the Dodgers-Cardinals rivalry burned much brighter, and players treated as appropriately epic. And to be sure, winning the NLCS in 2013 will certainly qualify, even if it isn't quite the same rivalry between the two teams.
There was a time in baseball history where Matt Moore was ranked above Bryce Harper and Mike Trout on prospect lists. The Cardinals took care of business in the nightcap for Game 2. With an 11-1 victory, the Cardinals are your 2015 National League Central Division Champions, and to go along with that, have earned their 100th win of the season.
That was Heyward’s second grand slam of his career and his first hit of the season with the bases loaded (1-10). Louis Cardinals Recall Miguel Socolovich, Send Down Sam Tuivailala3h agoMissouri Tigers Expected to Use Two Quarterbacks in Season Opener20h agoSt. All Lyons would do was throw seven shutout innings, allowing just four hits and recording five strikeouts. Louis did something for the first time since April of 2012 to clinch the NL Central title, and that was win two out of three against the Pirates at PNC Park.
The Cardinals become the first team since the 2011 Phillies to have 100 wins on the season, as Philadelphia finished with a record of 102-60. Wild Card Game for a spot in the NLDS (likely being played in Pittsburgh) on Wednesday night. After an off-day tomorrow, the Cardinals will finish the 2015 regular season with a three-game weekend series against the Braves in Atlanta.
LOUIS -- Much has been made of the back-and-forth between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the St. Cardinals starter Adam Wainwright created what is likely to be the enduring visual of the series by calling Adrian Gonzalez's chirping from third base "Mickey Mouse stuff"; Adrian Gonzalez responded with some mouse ears of his own as he neared home plate after one of his two home runs in Wednesday's 6-4 win.
It took place in 1946, after the Dodgers and Cardinals finished tied atop the National League at 96-58.
And that came at the beginning of a period from 1941-1956 in which the Cardinals and Dodgers won 11 of 16 National League pennants, while either the Cardinals or Dodgers finished second in the five seasons when someone else took temporary possession of the National League. It has always been notable to me that Musial's nickname, "Stan the Man", was bestowed upon him not by the St.
Schoendienst is as accommodating an interview as there is, and remembers seemingly every play from every vital contest he's participated in over seven decades. They've gained support in some corners from people praising the Cardinals, and criticizing the Dodgers, for failing to uphold the traditional, emotionless ways of baseball past. Scully's observations run counter to the media narrative that somehow, Gonzalez has been personality-less until this series.

And Thursday night, he reminded us that he still has it in him to be that pitcher when he pitched a near no-no. Louis Cardinals left fielder Randal Grichuk (15) celebrates with right fielder Jason Heyward (22) after scoring the game tying run against the Colorado Rockies at Busch Stadium.
For the ninth time in franchise history, the Cardinals have reached 100 wins, and their first since 2005 (100-62). Louis Blues Announce Group of Four Alternate Captains for 2016-171 d agoWhich Players Will the St. The Cardinals finished this season with a 46-30 record against the NL Central, while the Pirates are only 32-41 against the division. MEARS Auctions will work with you to determine authenticity, current value, and the marketing strategy which will help you maximize the value of your item.
Here's his response when I asked him what he remembered of 1949, when the Cardinals, up a game on the Dodgers with four to play, lost the NL on the final day of the season: "Oh, I don't remember all of that," Schoendienst said, chuckling. Louis Cardinals World Champions" and features the Cardinals trademark "STL" logo crafted from red cubic zirconia surrounded by high quality cubic zirconia. And that's just what Schoendienst did, hitting leadoff and collecting two hits against an eventually far more famous losing pitcher, Ralph Branca. It is impossible to imagine that happening today, according to Scully, with the two teams facing each other only six times each regular season.
But even though there was that Man again, Stan Musial, collecting hits in all three games, the Dodgers swept Musial and the Cardinals, all but ending his bid to reach the World Series in his final season.
The first time Puig came up at Dodger Stadium, the entire Cardinal bench, they were all on the rail. The left panel of the ring reads "Edmonds 15" around a depiction of Busch Stadium while the right panel reads "2006 Tenth World Series Title" around a rendering of the Cardinals birds on bat logo & the Commissioner's Trophy. Schoendienst collected a hit in the second game, this one at Ebbets Field, as the Cardinals beat the Dodgers, 8-4, to advance to the 1946 World Series, which they won. Ring is a size 11 and as a high quality reproduction crafted by a professional jeweler has some real density to it.

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