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In the past, the league had serious concerns about ownership funding for a STL franchise and didn’t fancy the proposed stadium site in the Metro East area.
The ownership group is one big part of the equation – however there is still another big question mark of how the soccer stadium gets funded. If the ownership group wants public funding then the stadium will be on the north riverfront.
I am really fed up with all the bowing and kowtowing associated with the sports ownership edition of the 1%. Louis group has interacted with the MLS at the highest level: Garber and influential MLS franchise owners. Louis group will set an ambitious goal of elevating the game throughout the community including underprivileged areas. The league should have 24 franchises in place by 2018, with Atlanta United FC, Los Angeles FC and Minnesota United FC coming online. Louis faces competition with Sacramento, Las Vegas, Detroit, San Diego, San Antonio and Austin.

My guess for Boston owner would be the Red Sox owner, John Henry (there’s your solid ownership experience in professional sports). She's still waiting for the Nationals to call about her spot with the Racing Presidents. In a recent visit to Sacramento, Garber said the next round of expansion will “likely” happen in 2020. Louis Post-Dispatch, has won multiple national writing awards, and has worked in sports radio since 1983.
Bernie votes on several prominent awards, including the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Baseball Hall of Fame, Heisman Trophy, and NL Cy Young.
But if the public is expected to pay for it, then the right way to go about it is to put the soccer stadium funding up for a public vote. I loved the riverfront location for the NFL but from a scale perspective, I don’t think it makes sense for the MLS. In Green Bay, they set up a not-for-profit corporation which limits ownership to something like 3 or 5 % for any person and have built in limitations making it impossible ever to move the team.

If the Packers can thrive in that NFL bastion of obscene wealth resulting from crony capitalism then a St. I know I would personally invest in a publicly owned team which could never be screwed up and moved by some individual plutocrat like Kroenke. All that’s needed is the political will to accomplish it, although that could be lacking since no single individual would stand to reap obscene amounts of money from such an ownership arrangement. I wish Dave Peacock and his group would look into community ownership of the new team, making it truly a St.

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