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No matter how lucky a team gets on the injury front in a given year, they are bound to lose someone to injury at some point during the season. Receiver Larry Fitzgerald said it’s something the Cardinals still must be able to overcome. If it was just the loss of Dockett, the Cardinals may have very well been able to overcome his injury. While getting to the playoffs was always going to be difficult in the NFC West, it’s still a possibility for Arizona.
This is an unofficial and independent source of news and information not affiliated with any team(s) or the National Football League (NFL). The Panthers, currently leading their Week One contest against the Cardinals, might have just lost their All-Pro ‘backer for a significant amount of time.

During the third quarter of the ‘Cats-Cards tilt, linebacker Jon Beason had to be carted off the field with an apparent ankle injury.
Beason, who signed a $50 million extension prior to the season, was running after Arizona tight end Jeff King when he fell to the ground without any contact, immediately grabbing at his leg. An award-winning sportswriter, reporter and blogger, Zack currently serves as the Miami Dolphins live correspondent and Team Stream curator for Bleacher Report. Dockett has been a stalwart of Arizona’s defense for years and his loss will create a sizable void to be filled this season. Arizona ranked 6th in total defense and kept the Cardinals in every game they played over the final three months of the season. However, Arizona has also lost linebackers Karlos Dansby to the Cleveland Browns and Daryl Washington to suspension.

BA will have the next man up ready – and the offense should be able to move the ball right out of the gate to start this season (unlike last year when they started off slowly on offense). Depending on how the Seahawks and 49ers fare will determine again the Cards’ playoff chances. Even with them in, Kaep has destroyed the Cards three times in a row looking unstoppable each time.

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