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Philadelphia Phillies starting pitcher Adam Morgan throws in the first inning of a baseball game against the St.
Philadelphia Phillies' Odubel Herrera runs the bases to score on a double by Freddy Galvis on a pitch from St. PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Phillies lefty Adam Morgan failed to get a win yet again, but he was pleased with his outing. Jedd Gyorko's tying, two-run homer in the ninth off Jeanmar Gomez prevented Morgan from gaining his first victory since May 10 and snapping a seven-game losing streak. Morgan was making his second start back with the Phillies after a five-game stint in the minor leagues where he regained his confidence with five consecutive wins.
Jhonny Peralta led off the 11th with a double and, two batters later, Grichuk doubled to the wall in left-center off Frank Herrmann (0-1). The Phillies appeared to have runners on second and third with one out in the eighth, looking to extend a 3-1 lead. Phillies: INF Cesar Hernandez (sore right foot) was not in the starting lineup for the second straight game. The pitcher throws the ball to the catcher, who is behind the plate with extra padding for protection. The objective of the batter is to hit the ball into play where there are no defenders to get on base. So you have a better idea of what a baseball diamond looks like, and where the players play and run, here is a photo. You can see there are nine players on the field, so it makes it quite the task for the batter to hit a ball to where there is no one playing.
Pitcher – Throws the ball to the catcher and attempts to make the batter swing and miss, or places pitches within the strike zone that are hard to hit. The world series is a 7 game series where a team from the American League and a team from the National League play to see who is the best.
The American League has won 63 championships and the National League has won 48 through 2013. The Yankees have won six back to back championships, that’s more than any other team. The Boston Red Sox won their first championship in 1918 but hadn’t won again until 2004.

Mickey Mantle hit a total of 18 home runs during the world series, that’s the record! Before game 3 of the 1989 World Series between Oakland and San Francisco a 6.9 magnitude earthquake happened, causing a 10 day delay.
The first year the World Series occurred was 1903, Boston beat Pittsburgh in a 9 game series 5 games to 3. Tagged  baseball, baseball facts, baseball facts for kids, facts about baseball, facts about baseball for kids, fun baseball facts for kids, fun facts about baseball for kids, interesting baseball facts for kids, world series facts, world series facts for kids.
Louis Cardinals' Jedd Gyorko runs the bases after hitting a two-run home run on Philadelphia Phillies relief pitcher Jeanmar Gomez in the ninth inning of a baseball game, Friday, Aug. Louis Cardinals starting pitcher Adam Wainwright in the sixth inning of a baseball game, Friday, Aug.
Louis Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina (4) on a rundown between third base and home in the first inning of a baseball game, Friday, Aug. Now, he's looking to take advantage of a chance presented by injuries to the Phillies' starting rotation. Alex Reyes blanked the Phillies in the 11th for his first save, getting Odubel Herrera to ground out with runners on first and second to end the game. He popped out to second while pinch-hitting with one out in the ninth to snap his 23-game on-base streak. Don’t forget to share us on your favorite social network, just look to your left, I made it easy! If you already know how it all works, you can scroll down past this section to see all the fun facts about baseball for kids.
The objective of the pitcher is to make the batter swing and miss, or throw to an area called the batters strike zone. He can run to as many bases as he can but must avoid being tagged by the players, he is only safe on base. It is a professional organization where players are played very good money to play baseball for certain organizations. That totaled 2,632 games over a span that lasted from April 30, 1982 – Sept 19, 1998.
It’s an opportunity for the two most proven baseball teams in the MLB to play a series of games to see who is better!

The won their last World Series in 1908 and made their last appearance in 1945 during World War 2.
This was done by Don Larsen on the New York  Yankees in 1956 in game 5 against the Brooklyn Dodgers. If the batter hits the ball in the air, and the defender catches it before it hits the ground he will also be called out. The catcher will also field balls that are popped straight up in the air or behind home plate. This will provide you updates with our latest videos and updates to what new fact pages we create! Innings are subdivided into halves and in professional and college baseball there are typically 9 innings.
The World Series was played on years we had the World War I, World War II, The Great Depression and even the influenza pandemic in 1918-1919. My hope is that I can generate interest in this amazing sport and kids around the nation and world will start playing. Scientists say it should be impossible to hit a baseball traveling at the speeds it does with the tiny bat that used. The MLB is considered the highest level of baseball in the world and it houses the best players in the world. We have made the impossible possible with one of America’s dearest and most respected sports. I have so much respect for the sport, and it brings so many good memories growing up as a child.
Ill never forget walking through the entrance and seeing the field in person for the first time.

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