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Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it. It was a long camp, but there was the week in San Diego, and we’ll see if Arians can make good on his wish to practice against two different teams in training camp 2017. The fourth game against Denver, of course, will have most of the Cardinals’ key players sitting out altogether. The safety has been encouraged with his progress coming back from his ACL tear, and still hopes to be on the field when the Cardinals play the Patriots Sept. Mathieu recently estimated himself around 80 percent, and this summer, talked about how he wanted to be 100 percent before playing, with a nod to how much he struggled at the outset of the 2014 season when he was coming off another (albeit much worse) ACL tear. The NFL is testing out the ability to use Microsoft tablets and video on the sidelines, seeing what it could mean for the future of the game. That drew a chuckle in the press conference, but Arians was serious when he said he hoped video was never part of in-game use on the sideline. There are caveats all around, from the fact he was going against non-starters on the offensive line to the fact he has fresh legs considering he has missed so much time in camp because of his ankle sprain.
One of the important parts of the end-of-preseason roster choices will be how the Cardinals choose to divvy up their offensive line spots. Watford started two games at right tackle last year and is a strong possibility to play there if Humphries goes down.
Kobe on how a ‘real competitor’ would respond to Kevin Durant's decision: ‘OK, lace ‘em up.
Bruce Arians was happy with it and major injuries were avoided (although Arians was a little incredulous that was brought up Friday.) Now they head to Houston for the third preseason game against the Texans as the offense in particular tries to have a consistent outing.
Arians said the only starting job still undecided is the cornerback spot opposite Patrick Peterson. That includes wide receiver Chris Hubert, tight end Troy Niklas, Jenkins of late, even rookie guard Cole Toner, who held up when he took first team reps during those days when Mike Iupati and Antoine McClain were hurt.

But Arians indicated Coker will make the first round of cuts Monday since he said Coker would be back for the Broncos’ game next week.
Not sure if that includes the very specific long-snapper job, for which Cam Kanaday and Daniel Dillon remain close. That’s why the Texans game looms large for the main players on the roster in terms of a tune-up. His is an important situation, because he figures to make the team as the sixth offense lineman, able to play any position when he is active on game day.
Cardinals coach Bruce Arians noted they had them in the first preseason game against the Raiders. But Wednesday, rookie defensive tackle Robert Nkemdiche made quite the impression in one-on-one work. For now, coach Bruce Arians made it a little more clear how they would handle the backup tackle situation on the left. But with all due respect to Denny Green, it still will not be the end-all, be-all as a foretelling of the regular season, whether the Cardinals play well or play poorly. At the 2012 NFL Pro Bowl, Nike showed off their Nike Vapor Jet gloves which looked incredible on the field.
But as Arians said the other day, as long as he knows what gap to be in, he’ll be able to contribute.
The punt return part is, since a) Ellington has never really done it and b) it wasn’t really a consideration when camp started. When the three top running backs were healthy last season, David Johnson was returning kickoffs and there was a reason to have all three active on game days. If you haven’t had a chance to catch all 32 teams Vapor Jet gloves, you can do so here. 1 draft pick would be back out there Wednesday, and then the Cards instead got him in uniform Monday.

But Ellington, who finally got a chance to return one in a game in San Diego, is going to have the opportunity.
Keim (and Arians) love the idea of going up against another team as a measuring stick and to break up the monotony of camp.
The gloves looked great, but that was not the only gear that Nike rolled out at the Pro Bowl. Because there is still a chance it will be Watford who would be the replacement tackle if Veldheer or Humphries gets hurt.
That turned out to be less-than-exciting, because Nkemdiche did very little before ending his day early. Beyond that, you figure they keep fourth-round center Evan Boehm and Swiss Army knife lineman Earl Watford, who is still recovering from a knee injury.
As for the cornerback, it feels like it’ll be tough for Bethel or Mike Jenkins to dislodge Brandon Williams unless it comes quickly.
But it was when the Cardinals broke into one-on-one drills that caught many eyes, including mine. Jenkins would have to completely outplay the others to get the nod, because if it’s close, the Cards figure to go young when they can.
He was so quick off the ball, you understood the ankle certainly isn’t a problem anymore.

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