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Cardinals Terrace tickets are as cheap as the least expensive tickets in the National League for some games and as much as 13 times more for the most popular games.
Veeck defended his move by correctly stating that the discrimination in society is such, that midgets are forced to make a living doing publicity stunts. In 1960, Veeck had Gaedel and three other midgets dress as Martians and dropped from a helicopter onto the Comiskey Park infield. This entry was posted in Miscellaneous and tagged Baseball History, Bill Veeck, Eddie Gaedel, James Thurber, Major League Baseball, Mark Jenkins. Louis Cardinals Terrace refers to a general grouping of seats on the highest level of Busch Stadium. Louis Cardinals Infield Redbird Club is the cheaper of two seating areas located on the club level of Busch Stadium.
Louis Cardinals seating chart and additional details on Cardinals Premium Seating, Cardinals Party Suites, Cardinals Club, Cardinals Diamond Boxes, Cardinals Dugout Boxes, Cardinals Infield Field Boxes, Cardinals First Base Field Boxes, Cardinals Third Base Field Boxes, Cardinals Lower Right Field Boxes, Cardinals Lower Left Field Boxes, Cardinals Right Field Boxes, Cardinals Left Field Boxes, Cardinals Left Field Porch, Cardinals Home Redbird Club, Cardinals Infield Redbird Club, Cardinals First Base Loge, Cardinals Third Base Loge, Cardinals Right Field Loge, Cardinals Left Field Loge, Cardinals Infield Pavilion, Cardinals First Base Pavilion, Cardinals Right Field Pavilion, Cardinals Left Field Pavilion, Cardinals Infield Terrace, Cardinals First Base Terrace, Cardinals Right Field Terrace, and Cardinals Bleachers. The four midgets shook hands with shortstop Luis Aparicio and second baseman Nellie Fox, and the field announcer told the fans that they had arrived to assist the not-too-tall double play combination in their struggle against the earthlings.I did use him for a couple of my gags.
The Busch Stadium seating chart shows the Cardinals Terrace high above the playing field on the 400 level of seats in the ballpark.

The Busch Stadium seating chart shows the Infield Redbird Club sections between home plate and the outfield dirt down both foul lines. Five sections are on the first base side: Cardinals Section 241, Cardinals Section 242, Cardinals Section 244, Cardinals Section 245, and Cardinals Section 246. Tickets remaining unsold following the conclusion of season ticket sales are reserved for sale as individual game tickets by the Cardinals ticket office.
The pricing structure embedded within Cardinals season tickets makes secondary market ticket sellers a much better choice for Cardinals Terrace tickets than the team sales department. Four sections are on the third base side: Cardinals Section 254, Cardinals Section 255, Cardinals Section 256, and Cardinals Section 257. Eddie and three other midgets, all dressed in regimental Martian clothing (gold helmets and shoes, coveralls, oxygen tanks), somehow dropped out of the heavens in a helicopter and landed directly behind second base. Avoid purchasing Cardinals Terrace tickets from the team for individual games as much better seats at much lower prices are available through secondary market ticket providers.
All Infield Redbird Club seats provide access to the Busch Stadium Redbird Club, an exclusive indoor area with upgraded concessions, restrooms, and ample seating. The standard list of Cardinals Redbird Club amenities also applies to tickets for the Infield Redbird Club.

All Cardinals Terrace sections are on the top level of the stadium and give very distant views of the game below. While less expensive than the Home Redbird Club tickets closer to home plate, Infield Redbird Club seats still sell for above face value for most games. Cardinals Terrace seats are placed in large sections and the majority of Cardinals games have scattered pockets of empty rows throughout the Terrace section. With only the back rows of each section remaining following season ticket sales, fans who are looking for the best seats in the front row of each section will need to pay a high premium for nearly every game during the regular season.
Fans looking for a cheap way into Busch Stadium will like the price of Cardinals Terrace tickets, but anyone interested in a good view of the game should look for seats closer to the field.

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