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April 13, 2015 By Bill Pollock Busch Stadium grounds crew members put the finishing touches on the field in St. Never a time to panic only six games into the regular season, but the Milwaukee Brewers are struggling at the plate and their starting pitching has been suspect in their first two series at Miller Park. Bill Scott of Wisconsin Radio Network tells us part of the problem is that Milwaukee doesn’t have a true number one starter. Outside of Garza, the other two starters have had good success recently against the Redbirds.

Bill Scott also breaks down the struggling Brewers offense with All-Star catcher Jonathan Lucroy hitting just .050 in the first six games. A record setting crowd of 47,492 catches the Cardinals home opener at Busch Stadium Monday. MLB 2015 Busch Stadium St Louis Cardinals 8x10 Art Print - busch: I am a big fan of Yankee ! A few years ago I had the privilege of visiting one of my good friends in her hometown of St.

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